Owner: Tito Sands
Year Established:  2013
Decorating Technique: Direct to Garment Printing
Type of business: Local Retail, Online Store
Website: http://www.fallenarrows.com

Atlanta’s Movie & TV Market
Provides a niche for Artist Designed T-shirts

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do:

Fallen Arrows is Atlanta’s artist based print shop, we specialize in taking on the tough customers, producing the best in gallery worthy prints on Teeshirts, totes, hats, and pretty much anything else you could want. We operate aDTG Viper as well as a few other smaller Direct to garment machines.

What was your biggest hurdle in getting started?

Organization was pretty difficult in the beginning. Since we take Jobs with no minimum quantities, one off orders would come in and could become very confusing. Big piles of shirts in all different sizes and colors. It would take a good minute to figure out what design to print on which garment. Since then, we’ve started using an ordering and job processing software that keeps everything lined up and in order. Smooth sailing.

How do you decide what Markets to go after?

We’re open to pretty much anyone who wants a high quality print at a fair price. We do specifically target the booming Atlanta movie and tv industry. Our ability to quickly produce in low quantities is a perfect match for most costume departments. We’ve also go after online clothing companies as our Order Fulfillment Services are pretty great for those types of operations.

What technologies do you use?

Our primary machine is the DTG Viper, and while we offer a wide range of other services, (sublimation,vinyl cutting and application, button making, full color banners, plastisol transfer application, and design work) our heart and soul is in the business of making tee shirts, and our tool for that job are the DTG printers.

Why did you purchase the DTG Viper from ColDesi?

The Viper was the second Direct to garment machine we purchased. Our business was growing and we needed to be able to produce more product with the same or better quality in a timely manner. Coldesi stood out among other providers for the support that they offered, both technical and financially.

How do you set your pricing?

We pay close attention to the rates of our competitors, and while we always try to offer our customers the best possible price, we’ve come to understand that the product we offer is far superior to that of our local competition, and the discerning customer will be willing to pay a little bit more for an item that is a lot of a bit better than a cheaper tee shirt.

What products do you sell that other ColDesi customers might need?

We offer reasonably priced design consultation and artwork correction services that many other DTG printers could certainly benefit from. A good print always starts with good artwork. We also have an Order Fulfillment Service that allows customers to setup their own shops online, and as they receive orders, we print and ship them for a price that leaves plenty of room for profits. Tee shirt vinyl, giclee poster prints, and printed coffee cups are just a few of the many other products that we offer.

What’s next for Fallen Arrows?

We’re in the works for expanding our shop into a second location to meet the ever growing demands of the business. Along with that growth comes an expansion of our presence online, and regionally to cover the southeast. We hope to double our line up of talented artists represented in our online shop, and grow the Fallen Arrows family to include even more clothing brands, as well as continuing to improve our own line of garments.

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