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What is Direct to Garment?

Direct to Garment Printing means just what is sounds like! A DTG Printer operates as a specialized ink jet printer designed to apply an image to a T-shirt just like your home printer applies one to a piece of paper. Of course, because the medium is different, the inks are different and because it’s a commercial process the printer is a LITTLE larger and more complex.

The biggest advantages to using a DTG Printer to create a custom t shirts are:

  • Easy Operation – you do need to know a bit about graphics so you can create a great image, but preparing and printing a shirt a simple.
  • Variable Output – You can print one, two or twenty shirts of one design, put a different name on each, re-size the graphics – all with no more set up time or cost.
  • Fast Turnaround Time – this makes your customers HAPPY! If you’re starting with a good graphic, you can go from image to finished shirt in under 10 minutes.
  • Good for Home Office or Small Business – when using a pretreatment machine with your DTG Printer, you can run your operation in a bedroom OR back office.
ColDesi’s Direct To Garment Printers.

Direct to Garment Printing, and the DTG brand direct to garment printers in particular, is an amazing technology that allows almost anyone to print incredibly colorful, high impact images directly onto tee shirts and other textiles. If you’ve dreamed of creating your own t-shirt line, have terrific ideas that would look great on fabric bags, leather materials, canvas and even non-garment textiles like linens, towels and the like, then ColDesi’s DTG Brand is right for you.

If you are an experienced t-shirt business professional, especially a screen printer or user of another brand of direct to garment printer, you are also in the right place! Imagine being able to offer your customers incredibly high quality, full color prints in minutes – and get to say YES to short runs, keeping all that extra business in house. DTG brand direct to garment printers from ColDesi give you the best combination of speed, quality, productivity and cost on the market today. 

Direct to Garment Printing is ideal for short run (up to 100 or more) garments with designs that contain multiple colors or variable data. Our customers excel in target markets like promotional apparel, charities and not-for-profits, family reunions, birth and wedding announcements, corporate events, small companies requiring short run printing of full color logos, business launches and wearable art. You will see our most successful customers doing some incredible online sales in quirky (“attitude shirts”) and custom user-designed tees as well. In fact, when you search for and buy a custom tee online today you are probably getting a direct to garment printed product from one of our customers!

The digital apparel printing business is a great business to enter into in any economy.  Whether you choose the DTG M2 Industrial direct to garment printer or the new M6 commercial production unit, the low capital investment and high profit margins make it easy to start and achieve immediate cash flow, especially with one of the economical available lease programs.

DTG Printer Line Up

M2_machineThe M2 takes a unique and profitable approach to dtg printing and workflow with its dual platen, lateral printing system. Rather than printing on one garment at a time, the M2 allows you to print on 2 shirts at once. This reduces “interface time” and helps you maximize your labor and your profits. Learn more about the M2

The M6 is an extended version of the M2 for the busiest in custom T-shirt printing businesses. With the M6, you can print 3, 6 or 12 garments at the same time depending on graphic size.  A quick search online for  custom T-shirts will give you an idea of the size of this market, and a DTG Printer from ColDesi is the first step in becoming a part of it.  Learn more about our T Shirt Printing Machines at:




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