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Winning Against Bigger Businesses

We’ve previously done a post on You vs. the Competition and what we covered in there is how to be unique, how to use your personal touch to get an edge, and how to not be afraid of that competition. What we want to talk about specifically today is battling the big...

Equipment Leasing Tips with John Sullivant

We spoke with John Sullivant about leasing equipment. Why you should or shouldn't and what the benefit are as opposed to buying the equipment outright. It's such a common question from our customers. I work with Adia Capital, a financial partner of Coldesi. I actually...

Success Tips – Home Based Businesses

Build a Successful Custom Apparel Business from your own Home People run their businesses from home all the time. So today we want to talk about success tips in custom t shirts, embroidery and bling in that home-based business. How are you going to set yourself up for...

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