How to Make Custom Wedding Gifts

DigitalHeat FX System | Bridal Party Gifts

A brides wedding party consist of her Mother and Father, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, Ring Barrier, etc. This means TONS of opportunities for your business to make custom bridal party favors and gifts.

Using the power of a white toner printer we created custom handkerchiefs for the mother and father of the bride, as well as unique plush toys for the flower girl and ring bearer.

For this project we used one of our DigitalHeat FX Bundles which includes:

Because the OKI 8432 functions as a professional grade printer, you can print custom hand-written letters, like the one in this video, onto transfer paper.

Making Personalized Wedding Handkerchiefs & Plush Toys

To create the perfect personalized handkerchiefs and stuffed animals, the Bride decided what she wanted written on them and the layout she desired, then we did the rest.

Although the DigitalHeat FX System can easily do a complex full-color design the bride decided that a fancy full metallic silver message would really make it spectacular and stand out.

To make the handkerchief and the plush toys we took the brides messages to her family members and typed them into a design software program. What’s great about the DigitalHeat FX is that you can use your favorite designs program to create your designs. For Example, you can use GIMP, Adobe, Corel, Illustrator, etc.

Tips for applying white toner transfers on plush toys

Now, the magic comes in with the EZ Peel Transfer Paper.  This premium transfer paper is coated with polymer and the toner from the OKI printer sticks to this surface. Once heat and pressure are applied, the polymer reacts with only the toner.

This way only your design is adhered to your chosen surface.

And THAT means NO WEEDING. [If you’ve ever created something detailed with a print and cut vinyl system, you’ll understand why this is important]

After the heat pressing steps are complete, you have personalized handkerchief gifts that your customer will be proud to give to her family on her wedding day!

DTG G4 | Bachelorette Party Tees

Bachelorette parties a big deal and involve lots of planning and you guessed it… matching t-shirts! The best part for your business is the opportunity to make not just one shirt but multiple shirts for the whole bridal party group.

Direct-to-garment printers like the DTG G4 are great way to make multiple t-shirts for a project. The G4 let’s you get the job done quick, thanks to some cutting-edge new features:

How to DTG Print a T-Shirt

1. Create your design – graphic design software like the Photoshop or InDesign is used to mock up your custom bridal party design.

2. Send design to printer – Using the DTG G4 RIP Software, send your design to the DTG machine where it will pop up on the control panel and be stored for continued use.

3. Pretreat your garment – a pretreating machine, like the PTM, is used to prepare your fabric for the printing process. This only takes a few seconds.

4. Dry the garment  – after pretreating, the garment will need to be dried using a heat press, like the Geo Knight Heat Press used in this video.

5. Position the product  – your garment can be easily positioned on the DTG G4’s patented vacuum patent. No need for hooping or tucking.

6. Print the design  –  Simply press the print button on the machine.

7. Cure the fabric   –  once the printing is complete the garment is taken back to the heat press to be cured.

8. Finished!  –  your custom bride squad shirt is now complete!

The advantage to a digital garment printer like the G4 DTG is the low cost of ink, so t-shirts are very profitable. Take a look at the ROI calculations below:

ROI on Bride Squad T-Shirts

You can make over $100 in profits in less than 20 minutes with a job like this. Let’s break down some numbers

Revenues per bridal party job:  8 tees X $18.00/tee = $144.00

Materials Costs for job: $40.72

Cost of ink ($0.10) + blank tee ($4.99) = $5.09 X 8 tees = $40.72

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $103. 28 in your pocket for just one job that takes less than 20 minutes

Wedding Guest Favors | Mutoh UV Printer

Unique Wedding Party Favors are rising in popularity. And with most weddings having hundreds of guests that’s just more money in your pocket.

The Mutoh XpertJet is a compact table-top UV printer, yet it yields a large enough bed size to print tons of wedding favors at once.

In this project we UV printed a couple’s wedding day photo ceramic heart ornaments. The uses for unique items like this are practically endless for the bridal market.

Our flat-bed printers like the Mutoh XpertJet uses LED-UV light to dry ink instantly. So, when the UV light hits the UV ink it goes from liquid to solid immediately. No down time necessary. This makes UV printing one of the quickest ways to print directly on objects.

Retail Value of Custom Wedding Favors

After a quick online search, generic wedding favors like engraved wooden hearts, sell on Etsy for $3.95 apiece. That means for a small wedding party of 50 people a bride and groom will spend almost $200 for custom favors.

These can also be bundled with other wedding items that you offer your customers. Already made a deal to make bachelorette party tees? Make their table number decorations too!

This is why a UV printer is a great way to expand your business.

Making Bridal Party Tanks with Vinyl

If you are looking for an apparel decorating option with a lower intro cost, Heat Transfer Vinyl is an easy to way to start your business.

A vinyl cutter, like the Graphtec ce700, will cut your desired vinyl design. Then you will “weed” away the areas of the vinyl that are not part of your design. The transfer can then be heat applied onto your garment and your bridal party tanks are complete.

Our Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl is a premium, easy-weed vinyl. On you can find tons of colors, and glitter options like the one used in this video.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to start making money in the wedding and bridal market contact us today. Our pros are here to walk you through our line up of equipment and get you on the track to success.

ColDesi’s t-shirt printers and uv printers all come with FREE 5-star support and training.