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Custom Bling Apparel Sells for $30 each and cost $1.69 in spangles to make

People spend a LOT of money on dancewear, cheer, and gymnastics uniforms, and tees. [And not just for the kids! Maybe YOU have a few blinged-out “cheer mom” shirts in your closet?]

In fact, the largest cheerleading apparel company in the country just expanded its bling equipment – demonstrating that BLING is here to stay.

And the latest thing they’ve added? Spangles – and for all the same reason YOU should consider adding them to your business too.

What are Spangles?

Definition: Spangles are like a sequin without the hole. But rather than being sewn on, they are made into a heat press transfer made of a kind of plastic disc that LOOK like rhinestones.

They are a flat, shiny, disks that shine and shimmer just like rhinestones, BUT they are lightweight, smooth, and breathable… Perfect for comfort!

And here’s the thing…. Bling is a BIG MONEY MAKER. Spangles retail values are the same if not more than rhinestones AND they cost less.

Let’s break down some numbers.

Custom Bling Apparel for Sale

After a quick social media poll on our Custom Apparel Facebook page, our customers retail custom bling apparel anywhere from $25 to $35.

You can find Spangle shirts for a little less on Etsy, about $20 – $25, BUT these aren’t fully custom. They only carry premade designs.

With this research, it’s easy to see you can get at least $30 each for a completely customized tank top with Spangles.

Spangle Transfers and Blank Apparel Costs

Now, on Colman and Company, you can find a variety of tank tops, in the video above, we used a PREMIUM tri-blend tank top by Sport-Tek.

We chose it because we’ve seen a lot of price flexibility depending on the look and feel of the garment itself – that means you can charge more for better quality.

This Sport-tek ® Ladies Posicharge ® Tri-blend Wicking Tank was $8.20 but you can find a variety of tanks for around $4.00.

This design contains 4045 2mm Spangles. This HUGE design only costs $1.12 in Spangles!

The “Dance Mom” Design is 10.475” x 11.223”. Your transfer tape cost would be only $0.57 if you purchase a 16” X 100m roll from Colman and Company.

Total costs of goods per “Dance Mom” Tank Top = $9.89.

However, this is with a premium tank top.

If you use a more affordable option, like the Port and Company Core Cotton Tank Top that is $4.05, your costs would only be $5.74

How much can I make selling Custom Spangle Shirts?

The ProSpangle punches these designs out FAST! And they only have to sit under the heat press for a few seconds. So you can comfortably make this custom shirt in about 6 minutes.

That means you can produce 10 custom Spangle shirts in just one hour of work.  

By retailing each custom bling shirt at $30 a piece you generate $300 in sales in just one hour!

Revenues per hour: 10 tanks per hour X $30.00/shirt = $300.00

Materials Costs per Hour: $57.40

Remember, our cost of the Port & Company Core Cotton Tank Top + the transfer sheet + Spangles is $5.74.

So, 10 custom spangle tanks are going to cost you about $57.40 in materials.

10 bling shirts per hour X $5.74/per shirt = $57.40.

That’s $300.00 in sales minus $57.40 in cost of materials = $242.60 that you can make filling an hour’s worth of orders.

One more time:

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $242.60 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

ProSpangle Bling Machine Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making bling apparel with the ProSpangle:

With an average financing price of $359 a month, for our ProSpangle, you can make your monthly payments by selling just 15 custom Spangle tanks!

Everything after that is pure profit!

Do you already have a customer base with local dance or cheer? Or kids in sports? Selling bling spirit wear to other team parents is an easy way to start.

More about the ProSpangle:

So, don’t wait any longer! Live chat one of our pros today to get started.

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