Top 10 Questions about Spangles

The Top 10 11 Questions We Get About The ProSpangle And Spangle Transfers

ColDesi has become the de facto authority on spangles, spangle t shirts and spangle transfers over the past 10+ years. Because of the release of the ProSpangle and our customer’s decisions to get in front of the trend and offer both wholesale transfers and completed tees, we’ve collected both knowledge and experience in dealing with this new bling technology. After speaking with screen printers anxious to add a bling machine to their business, embroiderers interested in expanding, commercial clothing producers that are looking for an alternative to rhinestones for kids clothes and everything in between, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions. So let ColDesi save you the trouble and answer them in advance:

1. What is the difference between a spangle and a sequin?

Sequins and spangles are made of the same material, usually. The difference is that because sequins are traditionally sewn directly onto a garment they have a hole in the middle for the thread. Spangles have no hole so you get a much bigger impact from the same size bling.

2. Do spangles last?

Yes. Though, of course, just like all rhinestones aren’t created the same all spangle material is different. We’ve done extensive testing on the ProSpangle Reels’ material on a variety of different fabrics and they wash very, very well. But you don’t have to take our word for it, watch this clip from who has one of the largest spangle transfer businesses in the country.

3. Are their special washing instructions for spangle tees?

You should always wash decorated apparel on the gentle cycle and will probably want to turn them inside out. Hang up to dry. But frankly, most of the employees here at ColDesi have multiple spangle tees that they wash and dry with everything else and they still look great.

4. Can I use the same transfer paper I use for rhinestone transfers?

Even better, you can use low tack acrylic transfer paper. It’s about 20% cheaper than what we typically recommend for rhinestone transfers and works perfectly. A 100m x 16” roll of acrylic transfer tape is less than $120 and makes thousands of spangle transfers. You can find all of the supplies you’ll need for the ProSpangle at Colman and Company.

5. What’s the price difference between rhinestones and spangles?

Spangles and rhinestones are both measured in millimeters, with a 2mm rhinestone (SS06) being equivalent to a 2mm spangle, etc. The numbers vary slightly, but a spangle is usually less than 1/7th the cost of a rhinestone. If we were able to sell spangles by the gross they would cost about $.05 per gross. Also, rhinestones will always vary in size a little, while spangles are exactly 2mm, 3mm, etc.

6. Can the ProSpangle REALLY run at 1000 spangles per minute?

Yep. But it’s like an embroidery machine; the faster it runs the more opportunity for error there it. When we run sample designs in house, we typically operate at 800 spangles/minute. The average rhinestone machine runs at 150 stones per minute, so you can see how attractive that extra speed is.  

7. What makes the ProSpangle so profitable?

The ProSpangle is the most profitable bling machine on the market because of 3 things:

  1. It’s fast – so you can produce a large quantity of designs significantly faster than any other bling machine.
  2. Supply costs are low – at $.05/gross and such inexpensive transfer tape prices you can do a great design for under $.60
  3. Retail is the same as rhinestones – even with the extra speed and lower supply costs, the perceived value is the same as rhinestones. That means you can still sell a t-shirt for $10-$35, but your costs are lower.

There is a detailed ROI calculation in this article.

8. Is it easy to operate?

Yes. The software is simple but powerful and the maintenance is low and simple. If you can run an embroidery machine, direct to garment printer, screen print set up or plotter you can run the ProSpangle. Even if you’ve never been in the apparel decorating business don’t be afraid! ColDesi provides the best training in the industry.

9. Do I have to worry about lead content?

This video is from a Live Online demonstration. At about 4:15 there’s a full demonstration of Hotfix Era a rhinestone and spangle design software that comes with the ProSpangle. The software is actually used for both rhinestones and spangles.

These are the top 11 questions we get about spangles and the ProSpangle machine. If you are interested in learning more or in seeing a live online demonstration of the ProSpangle simply contact us!