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These Custom Bling Sweats Sell for $50 each and cost $2.69 in spangles to make.

When it comes to comfort apparel like sweats, people don’t want to compromise it’s comfort with something heavy and scratchy like rhinestones… This is where Spangles come in.

Spangles are a flat, shiny, disks that shine and shimmer just like rhinestones! They are lightweight, smooth and breathable… Perfect for comfort!

And here’s the thing…. Bling sweaters for cheer, dance and ice skating are a BIG MONEY MAKER. Blanks are inexpensive and customization is cheap and fast!

Let’s break down some numbers.

Spangle Sweats for Sale

After a quick social media poll on our Custom Apparel Facebook page, our customers retail custom bling apparel anywhere from $35 to $65.

Online you can find bling apparel like this, anywhere from $45 – $90! BUT even these aren’t fully custom. They only carry premade designs.

With this research, it’s easy to see you can get at least $50 each for a completely customized spangle sweatshirt.

Custom Bling Sweats – Costs to Produce

Now, on Colman and Company you can find the sweatshirt used in this video for $7.25. This is a youth size sweatshirt but we also carry this same sweatshirt in adult sizes (perfect for matching team apparel). This sweatshirt also comes in a variety of colors.  

This is a big design with 4,922 spangle punches. This equals $1.82 in spangles and $0.88 for the transfer tape.

This means this whole spangle transfer only costs $2.69.

Each of these spangle sweatshirts costs you $9.95 to produce.

How much can I make selling Bling Ice Skating Sweatshirts?

The Prospangle punches out designs fast! And they only have to sit under the heat press for no longer than 18 seconds. You can comfortably make each sweatshirt in 10 minutes.

This means you can easily make 6 spangle sweatshirts an hour. 

By retailing each custom ice skating sweatshirt at just $50 a piece you generate $300 in revenues in just one hour!

Revenues per hour: 6 spangle sweatshirts per hour X $50.00/sweatshirt = $300.00

Materials Costs per Hour: $59.70

Remember, our cost of the blank sweatshirt + spangles is $9.95.

So, 6 spangle sweatshirts is going to cost you about $59.70 in materials.

6 spangle sweatshirts per hour X $9.95/per sweatshirt = $59.70.

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $240.30 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

Custom Spangle Apparel Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making Bling Sweatshirts with the ProSpangle:

With the average financing price for the ProSpangle Machine being $359, you can make your monthly payments by selling just 9 sweatshirts like this. And think about this – most ice skating, dance and cheer teams have many more than 9 people per team!

Everything after that is pure profit!

More about the ProSpangle:

The ProSpangle is truly the powerhouse of the bling world. Live chat one of our pros today to get started or contact us below.