Customer Referral Program

Earn big money for your equipment purchase referrals.

Making an investment in customization equipment can be a big decision, and we want to help people to succeed… just like you. When you talk to someone who would be a great fit for the community of ColDesi equipment owners, be sure to refer them out way. As a big thanks, these referrals will directly turn into money for you.

Earn $25 - $500 when someone you refer purchased customization equipment from ColDesi.

Referral FAQs

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Referral value is calculated based on the equipment purchased and if the potential buyer is already working with someone in our system. Here are a few examples:

If you have more questions about specific payout details, reach out directly to your ColDesi Account Manager.

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Referrals are paid directly with a check in the mail from ColDesi Inc.
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Referrals are reviewed and calculated at the beginning of each month for the previous month. At this point they begin processing and your check will be mailed as soon as possible. Most checks will be mailed within 30 days of us processing the referral.
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A ColDesi representative will be in touch to let you know that a purchase as been made from your referral. We do encourage you to follow up with the person you referred or even your ColDesi Account Manager. Communicating and working together will only help.
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Referrals are limited to equipment purchases including vinyl cutters, sublimation printers, DTF Printers, White Toner Printers, UV Printers, DTG Printers, Embroidery Machine and Bling Machines. If you have a question if a referral qualifies, please reach out to us.

For referrals on supplies / blanks please refer to your ColDesi+ Supplies program as you will get coupons for referring supplies too. The program for supplies/blanks acts completely independent to the referral program on this page.

Tips for getting paid for referrals

Products you might want to share to referrals

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