Compress Brand UV LED Printers are Leading the Charge

Meet ColDesi’s iUV600s LED UV Printer

It’s a small footprint, dual led lamp printer with a large print area.  The machine’s speed and above all FLEXIBILITY make this machine a real problem solver. It’s also a significant improvement in speed and efficiency.

With dual high-performance LED (Light Emitting Diode) UV Lamps and an extensive yet fast moving bed,  the compress printer gives unheard of clearance at nearly a foot tall.  You can print on nearly anything!  Even Customized YETI® tumblers, glass, metal, plastics, board stocks, acrylic and more.


The Compress iUV’s speed and ability to handle many types of items means, less inventory, reduced waste, accelerated workflow in full-color process printer

You can print on a vast array of materials with personalized printing options (variable data imprinting).  Better yet, use the machine to attract new business or customers while solving your current production issues.

Popular Application: Custom Yeti-style Tumblers

Creating custom insulated tumblers using a uv printer is a very profitable application.

Watch the video below:

Get in on The Global Market With UV LED Printers.

These printers are new, but there’s an enormous global printing market to tap. Dollars made from the global printing industry are expected to top $980 billion by 2018.  The market is driven by tremendous growth in labels and packaging.  And the majority of that printing will be done with digital printers rather than old fashion equipment. New Digital printers and specifically our UV LED printer are taking their share RIGHT NOW.  In the graphics realm (i.e. non-packaging) digital LED UV printers share (which was 9.5% in 2008) grew to 19.7% by 2018 according to Smithers Pira. Digital UV LED printing gets higher sales volumes with print suppliers demonstrating the effectiveness of the products.

Different Substrates / Materials

It’s FLEXIBILITY that makes the Compress iUV-600s a dream to operate and use.  This LED UV printer is way above the competition in specialty printing realm. The iUV LED series is ideal for printing on materials like wood, glass, plastic, foam core, metal, and others, it is also the perfect solution to print on thousands of smartphone cases, USB drives, or bulky items like guitar cases.  With the rotating attachment, you can even place images on water bottles. Other UV printers shy away from flexible substrates like textiles and leather.  However, the iUV series delivers the most flexibility in UV LED printing choices. Its flexibility means less inventory required on hand, reduced shipping and an accelerated workflow.  It gives you full-color process printing on a slew of materials AND includes variable data imprinting. You can attract new business clients and solve your most troubling production issues.


  • Six independent color channels
  • 24″ x 17.7″ (604 x 450mm) print area with 11.8″ (285mm) media height.
  • Optional unwind/rewind for roll media
  • WIMS white ink management onboard
  • All steel construction
  • Dual LED variable watt low heat lamps
  • Inbuilt media height detection
  • Ink mist extraction
  • Manufacturing

Different Sizes

Are you looking for the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want? If so, then your Compress LED UV printer will give you exactly that at BIG sizes.

The Maximum print area of the iUV-600s is 23.77” x 17.71”.  It has an adjustable material height up to 11.8 inches (This represents the largest height of any UV printer in its class).

For even bigger prints, the max print area of the iUV-1200s is 45.25” x 29.5” (A1+ size) and includes an adjustable media height of 11.75”  (also largest media height for a UV LED printer).

Souvenirs and Giftware

Perfect for giving extra value to corporate gifts or promo items Compres s printers can precisely imprint even the smallest text, photos, or logos. You can print artwork on a wide variety of both curved and flat items, key chains, flasks, pens, lighters, awards, trophies.  You’ll be able to bring your customers a broad range of customized products. Consider personalized gifts for anniversaries and other premium items within the corporate gifting and specialty markets. Perfect for adding value to pr omotional items, or even to corporate gifts.

Speed of Print

Up to 300 feet per hour!

Fast digital printing is possible for plastics, metal, board stocks, acrylic and even more.  Textiles and Leather can be printed just as fast with the widest flexibility in commercial printing options. The ink colors are delivered by a 250ml pressurized ink tank with constant ink feed to the damper. Continuous feeding of the ink allows the printer to keep cranking out the work while managing the air bubbles that can get trapped at high speeds. All white Inks are recirculated and pressurized.  They are filtered by the WIMS (white ink management system).  You’ll have less downtime, fewer ink issues, and lower maintenance.  All Production Ready.

Compress iUV 600s LED UV Printer

Compress iUV 1200s LED UV Printer


  • Industrial print head features 1440 nozzles
  • Minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng for ultra fine dot placement
  • Up to 1400 dpi native print resolutions when configured with up to 6 colors of CMYK – White and Clear.
  • Max print area is 24 inches by 17.7 inches (a new standard in commercial, small format UV printers) delivers.
  • Adjustable media height to 11.8 inches (the largest media height of any UV printer in its class).
  • Speeds up to 100 feet per hour in production mode and 50 feet per hour in quality mode.
  • Each ink color is delivered via a 250ml pressurized ink tank for constant ink feed to the damper.
  • All white Inks are pressurized and recirculated with filtering by our patent pending WIMS (white ink management system) for less downtime and better white ink performance.
  • Liquid cooled dual LED UV lamps

Quality in an LED UV Printer

The iUV series is packed with unique features like its water-cooled LED lamp system. The design of the machine makes printing of different sizes and shapes of materials effortless And for heat sensitive materials,  a media sensor that determines the surface height results in a simpler, quicker and more intuitive experience.  Even apparel business are wondering if UV printing is right for them. Quality is enhanced as well with the intuitive RIP (raster image processor) software which allows fine tuning control over each channel’s output.  Setup is a breeze with independent Print Queues. Quality photo printing and archival printing is what the RIP was originally developed to handle. The machines industrial print head has 1440 nozzles which can deliver a picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng. That’s some serious ultra fine dot placement. With up to 6 colors of ink in CMYK – each Compress LED UV printer delivers 1400 resolutions with remarkable color brilliance.

Signs & Displays

Outdoor yard signs, in-store notices, and window decorations can be printed directly onto the blank stock materials.  Back-lit signs, shelf wobblers and even license plates are possible.

The machine will help you produce items quicker, but also allow you self-promote faster than ever before  With one printer; you can practically outfit an entire retail store with signage and promotional items.

You’ll be able to print composite panels, back-lit roll media and glass panels in full-color and then apply clear ink to bring the print to an outstanding brilliance. Better yet, print on transparent PET material in textures for produce an upscale rigid nearly medical grade display at up to 5.9”  The iUV LED printers are a truly flexible production platform that will impress nearly any operator and manager.

Textured Printing

Your Compress brand printer, with its fast and instant dry technology, allows you to print in 3D. Textured printing allows you to build up layer after layer of high quality and durable ink.  You’ll turn the ordinary into something special, including custom textured smartphone cases, custom pens, trophies, and gift items. There’s a vast array of products readily available for decoration.

The machine produces original merchandise while direct printing on 3D objects.  Textured or Non-Textured.  There are wholesale companies that will sell you the blanks for much less than individual orders.

Back-lit signage or emergency floor plans can also be printed with the Compress LED UV Printer. Additionally, bringing production in-house saves on logistics and handling. Also, you’ll be able to react faster by bringing new products to market while responding to changing market needs.

Product Samples, Prototypes & Production

Faster sales process, more rapid production, a win-win.

Want to tackle industrial niche markets? The Compress printers (iUV-600s and iUV-1200s) both allow you to print directly on parts.  With proper bracing, items such as injection molded closures, and packaging, etc. Adding customization can help you meet a wider customer base. You’ll be able to put together prototypes and production work quickly and for only the cost of the ink and labor. No need for multiple screens for each color, or multiple plates for ink.

Compare this to pad printing which requires sometimes hours of setup. Whereas, the Compress iUV printers invaluable as a prototyping system or pre-production proofing machine. 

Not to mention when you have sold the prototype, you can quickly switch the machine to production mode and get the job done faster. A significant cost for manufacturing businesses is sample production costs and the amount of time lost producing samples. Now you can print those samples in the house, and it changes the way companies approach their output and sales goals. You can print exactly the size and quantities you need in nearly the same time it takes to do a production run. Instead of heavy set-up costs, you can often give free samples away and use the samples to sell the job. You have a choice in productivity whether that be production mode or high quality. However, digital LED UV printers save you money, time, and material and waste less.

Labels, Decals, Packaging Prototypes & Proofs

Print Directly on Name Tags or Even Larger Board Stock

The integrated roll and sheet handling media system are built in for label production, or packaging and proofing.  Clear and White inks allow for a diverse range of decoration processes and can revolutionize the printing of decals, on the fly packaging samples, and labels.

Name tags and labels printed on the Compress iUV LED printers are created with a beautiful high-end finish with varnish and textured options.

And, you can know that the sample your customers gets will look exactly like the production version right on the same printer. For packaging options, direct printing on blank packaging materials leads to quick prototypes that are detailed and simulate the final product extremely well. The process for packaging and prototyping is streamlined from the design phase, through to the editing stage down to the approval of colors. You can print samples that would usually look like special printing processes such as spot varnishing or spot embossing.