Stitch ERA Liberty: The Obvious Choice for Commercial Embroidery

Sierra Stitch ERA Liberty is the first choice for business embroidery design!

There are four reasons the Liberty improves over the free Stitch ERA Universal. Use it to give all your embroidery designs a professional look.

Commercial embroidery is much more than a business; embroidery is an art form that is also a lot of fun. If you are a beginning embroiderer, or even a semi-professional, you can appreciate the tremendous potential in Sierra’s Stitch Era Liberty embroidery software.

Great embroidery begins with digitizing, and Stitch ERA Liberty is one of the most powerful digitizing software on the market. Use it to edit and convert images—vector or raster—to embroidery patterns ready for download to your SWF Commercial Embroidery System.

Stitch ERA Liberty is the upgrade of the popular Stitch ERA Universal, the basic embroidery freeware that has a few of the features of Stitch ERA Liberty. If you have persistent internet access, Stitch ERA Universal is a good way to get started. You will begin to get a feel for the design capacity that Liberty provides.

You might wonder why you should upgrade to Liberty when you can use the free version like Stitch ERA Universal. Free is always good, but to make professional-looking commercial embroidery, you want to have all the tools available. Liberty gives you everything you need.

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Four features of Stitch ERA Liberty that makes it the obvious choice for commercial embroidery:

More Monograms and Fonts

Stitch ERA Liberty gives you twice as many fonts and monograms as Universal. Liberty has a total of 60 fonts and 20 monograms. With the USB dongle that comes as part of Stitch ERA Liberty, you can also include other fonts and monograms from the entire Sierra Library.

Not only do you get more fonts and monograms, the Stitch ERA Liberty gives you 80 additional fill patterns (for a total of 240), 20 more programmable stitches (a total of 80) and twice the motifs than Universal (60 total).stitches (a total of 80) and twice the motifs than Universal (60 total).

Resequencing by Colors in the Navigation Bar

A design can be resequenced by color easily from the navigation bar. This allows you to change the sewing order of commercial embroidery with a few mouse clicks.  If a client requests sewing lettering first, or sew from the bottom up, you can reorder the process.

The Split Tool

Stitch ERA Liberty gives you some powerful editing tools, and one of the strongest is the Split Tool. It gives you more control over the embroidery design and art production process.  With the Split Tool, you can break up vector objects by tracing a line where you want the partition to be. This allows you to move, reposition or recolor several elements of the design.

The Split Tool can also be applied to digitized objects, like raster images, breaking them apart within the design.

No Stitch Limits

Stitch ERA Universal limits the number of stitches to 40,000 per design. Stitch Era Liberty does not have a limit on stitch counts. While 40,000 is a number good enough for most designs, in commercial embroidery you will frequently encounter designs with more than 40,000 stitches.

Stitch counts typically increase depending on the size of the design.  Larger designs also play a role in the price. The stitch count matters and not all like-sized designs will have the same stitch counts.

The Stitch ERA Liberty contains all the functions of the other Sierra embroidery software, but with a wider collection of tools! Now you can deliver the most stunning artistic embroidery, giving them the appearance of a professional designer.

With the Stich ERA Liberty, you are limited only by your imagination!

For more information about Sierra’s Stitch ERA Liberty and the power you get to make excellent commercial embroidery, visit or call 800-891-1094 today!

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