Learn About Embroidery and The Business

(em-broi’da-re): The art of adorning or embellishing; to decorate with ornamental needlework. Today, this means adding dollar value to garments by embellishing them with names, corporate logos and sports symbols, to name a few. Computerized embroidery is more than fashion or trend, it has been a form of class distinction since the days of the Egyptian Pharoahs.

What is commercial embroidery and monogram embroidery?

Computerized embroidery machines have been designed to work with data from a computer. This data instructs the machine to stitch a particular design, determines the correct stitching order, indicates when to trim threads, and many other functions. In only a few minutes, the computerized embroidery machine will stitch a design that would take your grandmother a week to do by hand and embroider with precision accuracy that no human can match for near perfect quality!

How is computerized embroidery made?

The artwork for embroidery design is entered into the computer. The computer transfers the robotics instructions necessary for stitching the design to the Avancé embroidery machine. The machine operator places the item, such as a sweatshirt or baseball cap on the machine with a holder, hoop or cap frame. The operator also chooses the colors of thread appropriate to the design. Once the “set up” has been performed, stitching may begin by pressing the “Start” button on the machine. It will precisely and efficiently stitch the design. A typical logo on a baseball cap may take five minutes or so to stitch or roughly a dozen caps an hour.

Embroidering Polo Shirts and Caps

Who buys computerized embroidery?

Anyone who seeks a unique identification (brand identity) or fashion on garments. You see it everywhere, on practically every work uniform and almost all club and team wear. People collect baseball style caps with embroidered designs, and it has become the standard for corporate wear as corporations become less formal in their offices. Demand is high for bowling alleys, local retail store employees, golf, country club and yacht club members. School teams and local military units always need more. You’re likely to have several embroidered items in your closet!

What garments can you stitch with the embroidery machine?

Generally, any soft fabric that will fit under the needle of the machine can be embroidered. Shirts, hats and jackets are easy. Horse blankets, travel bags and mattress covers sometimes require special accessories in order to be embroidered. You can stitch any name, logo or ornate fashion embellishment on any suitable garment. The design size can be anywhere from less than a quarter of an inch to eleven by seventeen inches and larger.

How Profitable Is Commercial Embroidery?

It is customary to mark up any garment you sell; often 50 to 100% or more of its cost. Embroidering that garment is usually priced per thousand stitches and $1.00 per thousand stitches or higher is not uncommon. A single Avancé embroidery machine can embroider a number of garments in a short period of time. Designs vary in size but a typical shirt logo averages about 5000 stitches. Our Avancé embroidery machines are capable of running at speeds of up to 1500 stitches per minute and are normally operated at 900 to 1000 s.p.m.

This information presents a general picture on profitability. Embroiderers know that factors like quantity, garment material, the size and quality of the design, thread type and more will affect the time it takes to do a “job” and they adjust prices accordingly.

How big is a commercial embroidery machine?

Avancé embroidery equipment comes in single-head and multi-head. Our standard compact single-head model is 30 inches wide which can fit through most standard sized doors. See the machine specifications to view the size of each one.

What does the computer do in the embroidery process?

The computer processes the artwork from your customer in a manner that the machine can understand. The computer allows you to do lettering with a design, such as adding the date to an event (such as a golf tournament).

The process works like this:

  1. Your computer chooses a design from the selection that you have stored on disk or your customer asks you to prepare his artwork for embroidery using the process known as “digitizing.”
  2. The computer program allows you to “input” the artwork so it can be seen on the color monitor. Add lettering or dates, re-size the design to fit right on the garment or even edit the design for changes.
  3. Once you save the design, it can be directly transferred to the Avancé embroidery machine for stitching. The computer has made intricate and complex embroidery available to the public on a scale never thought possible!

When you press the start button, does the machine simply do all the stitching like a printer?

No. You don’t just load and go. ColDesi instructors will train you in embroidery technique. You will learn how to properly thread the machine, adjust tensions, to operate the embroidery machine control panel, proper hooping and embroidery placement techniques and more. You will be given new skills that profit you.

Where do I learn to use a commercial embroidery machine?

Training at ColDesi is included in the purchase price of any of our Embroidery or Direct to Garment Printer systems. Learn embroidery and DTG basics, operation, application, maintenance and lettering, editing and digitizing with our Stitch Era embroidery software. Free online training is also available.

Where do I get embroidery designs and what about names?

You can create custom designs for your customers with our advanced digitizing systems. Names and lettering are done with specialized fonts of embroidered letters that are included with our embroidery system. A large selection is available. Simply type in the lettering you want on the keyboard and it appears in the style and size you chose on the screen. You may alter the lettering in an unlimited number of ways if you wish then stitch it!

Will the machine operate automatically so I can do other things while the machine runs?

Yes! The Avancé embroidery machine has an automatic stitching routine that does not require operator intervention during stitching. The machine will automatically start and stop and will neatly trim excess thread when necessary. All models will even change thread colors automatically. The finished embroidery is ready to display. You can work with customers, do administrative work or simply drink a cup of coffee while the machine stitches up to a fast 1200 stitches per minute.

Can the business grow?

Yes! And ColDesi will help you do just that. We want you to purchase more embroidery equipment and embroidery supplies as your embroidery business grows, so we will help you in every way that we can. Another first from ColDesi is our guaranteed Trade Up Value on both Embroidery Machines and our Garment Printers. Our Trade Up Guarantee allows you to keep your business on the leading edge of technology as well as increase our output. This is a concept the competition just can’t match. We’d love to think that our reputation, award winning service and constant innovation would be enough…but we know that adding more value to our products makes our customers happy and successful.

How can I contact potential customers?

The people you know are your best source for the leads that become sales. Virtually every adult works somewhere and their company needs logos on corporate wear or belongs to a club or organization. For more ideas, read more on our Embroidery and Garment Printing Target Markets.

How much does it cost to get started?

As little as $299 per month. The price includes a Avancé Embroidery Machine, software, training and the embroidery accessories you need to get started. Depending on your business requirements, we have many other complete systems at varying prices. They range from powerful single-head combination’s to our 4-head machines, complete with any level of our powerful but easy-to-use software. Garment Printers start in the same price range and also come complete with ink, platens, software and training.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! ColDesi works with an embroidery machine leasing company to finance these systems for up to five years or longer. Depending on the system you choose, your payments can be as low as $299 a month, and the down payment is typically just two payments. Most customers exercise the 10% buy-out option at the end of the lease so they actually own their equipment. Some customers simply prefer to do business with their own bank.

What are the advantages of choosing ColDesi?

We have over 24 years of proud service to the embroidery industry ensuring an unparalleled experience to help you to get started. Our family owned business offers friendly personalized service as you begin and grow throughout your embroidery career.