Embroidery Designs and Thread Colors for Machine Embroidery Sewing

Many times I have been asked regarding the exact colors that have been used on a particular embroidery piece. It is a normal behavioral pattern to see people scouting for the exact colors that have been used in specific embroidery pieces. But just in case you do not happen to find the same, it is not as if you would be put behind the bars. You would rather use the colors that appeal to you rather than just going by what as been used in the original piece. And just in case you have been doing the same, you have been actually missing out on the real spirit of machine embroidery. If you too belong to that class of people who believe that using the original colors only would bring alive a piece of embroidery, here is a small secret for you. On many occasions as embroider, I have rarely used original colors on a piece of embroidery. That is so because either I may not be getting hold of the original colors, or at times I never liked the kind of colors that were used on a particular piece. That ways you happen to extend your range of designs. This is sure shot way of ensuring that your friend is not wearing the same piece that you do!!

Find out about Embroidery right here. Given below are certain tips which would help you to think out of the box as far as machine embroidery designs are concerned:

Tip#1. One of the misconceptions is the fact that not using the colors which are used in the original piece would in fact violate the copy rights of the original maker. This is not so because no designer has a color copy clause entailed in the contract.

Tip#2. Even if you happen to like the original colors used in the design, do not fume in case you do not get hold of the original colors used in the designs. Even if you do not have the exact colors, a shade darker or lighter here and there would not cause much of a difference, at the end of the day.

Tip#3. You have got to adjust the colors according to the fabrics used. Obviously the colors used on denims would not look the same as they would be in case they are used on white clothes. All the colors give out different impressions according to the cloth and color background they are used against. 

Tip#4. There are various designs which use only a single color tone. For a start or for a change, you can try using them. In fact tone-on-tone designs would prove to be excellent designs for you. Imagine an embroidery design which has only a simple pink rose with green stems and leaves. Now try testing the same design in either a shade lighter or darker, and see the difference for yourself.

Tip#5. Scan through your compete design library to see whether you can change the entire look of an embroidery piece by just changing the color patterns of the same. You will be surprised to note that there isn’t a single design which cannot be changed with the change of colors used, even though they are fruits or flowers. Always remember to think. And always make sure to save on your sewing supplies.

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