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Whether your new initiative is to introduce additional income streams, cost saving measures, customer retention or all three we can help you through the process. 


We have helped provide solutions to multiple fortune 1000 companies, Federal and State Governmental agencies and both State and Privately Funded School Systems. 

Through the process of a needs analysis, ROI projections and testing criteria we can help make a low risk assessment to the viability of our system solution.




30+ years and well over 31,000 customers. Since 1999, ColDesi has partnered with the some of the biggest brands in apparel manufacturing – like Nike, Levi’s, and Perry Ellis – and national multi-location businesses – like on of the largest work-wear and textile companies in the country, popular graphics and signage franchises and even retail chains. 

What they’ve found in working with us, and you will find the same, is not a company that sells a widget, trying to make it fit your needs. You’ll find a company with a wide variety of equipment solutions but also with the imagination, expertise, sourcing and even design/manufacturing capabilites to match your vision to true solution. 

Application Viability based on substrates, environment, roi goals and throughput

This is where our decades of experience pays off. Does it fit your model, your products, your financial requirements? Let’s find out.

Practical testing in-house lab and/or pilot location

Frequently application testing at our HQ is enough for proof of concept. But sometimes nothing will substitute for a full on-site pilot program. We’ve done that, very successfully, and are prepared to do so again. 

National Support Capabilities

ColDesi has over 1200 5 star reviews, and almost every one is for our support and training departments. 

Email, Phone, Video and on-site support – whatever your implementation requires – will get that 5 star support every time too. 

Tailored Training for specific applications or markets

Sophisticated online learning management systems and an in-house instructional designer make us the perfect partners to make sure your employees get the best training possible.

Tiered Service Level Contracts

One thing our relationships with big brands has taught us is how important the RIGHT service package is. We’ll design yours together.

Substrate/Product Sourcing

Sometimes good enough just.. isn’t. We’ve become experts and finding the right supply and substrates for unique applications. That may mean finding a specific paper for transfer printing, specialized ink for inkjet, or even a new piece of equipment to get YOUR job done. 


Cruise Ship Merchandising

On Board and In Port Options for Customizing your Customer’s Experience.

Customizing and creating a memorable experience for your guests is at the top of the list when it comes to what makes your cruise the best of the best.

The Wholesale Transfer Business Case Study

Making $227.80 per hour with a white toner printer making & selling transfers

The T-Shirt Transfer business can be a very lucrative part of any custom t-shirt shop.  That’s especially true if you’re using a white toner printer to make wholesale transfers to sell.

Merchandising and the Hospitality Industry

Bringing Production in-house

In order to capitalize on a loyal customer base, many businesses in the hospitality industry have added branded apparel to their sales.



The ColDesi line-up of brands for bringing custom decoration to your market. Click the buttons below to see what each brand can do for your business.

The ColDesi line-up of brands for bringing custom decoration to your market. Click the buttons below to see what each brand can do for your business.


DigitalHeat FX


DTG Digital




Compress LED UV


Spangle Elite




CAMS Rhinestones

Exploring opportunities in customization

Step 1
Fill out form

Fill out the form below as completely as possible. It seems basic, but even if you’re a name brand please add your website, YOUR physical location, etc. The more information you can share about your department, business or personal goals for you project here, the more productive our initial conversations will be.

Step 2
Needs Analysis

This step will be different than what you’ll experience with other potential equipment providers in the personalization and customization business. Because ColDesi has multiple product lines, and are constantly evaluating new, cutting edge solutions as well, we’re able to make objective recommendations. The product you happen to find online may not be the best one for your specific situation. That’s where ColDesi comes in.

*NDAs are often appropriate at this stage.

Step 3

Our Enterprise Team has decades of experience dealing with apparel manufacturers, franchises, big brands, and multi-site deployments. We’ll apply our experience to your goals and recommend that right solution specifically.

Step 4

Of course, our recommendation is subject to change based on your evaluation. Where we can help in this phase is by offering industry data, presentations, white papers, and samples specifically illustrating the capabilities of the systems we’ve selected together. So if you’re developing your own recommendation to a board of directors, committee, school board, department head or administrator we have the tools to help you demonstrate the thought put in to YOUR recommendation.

Often this phase involves a site visit, a live video demonstration or a trip to our headquarters in Tampa, FL. We’re ready when you are.

Step 5

Pilot implementation is a typical strategy we employ before a nationwide rollout for multiple locations. At this stage we are working with you to prove the concept and confirm our product selection. We typically provide on-site training, priority support and the full attention of the Enterprise team to ensure success.

Last Step

Implementation strategy is often covered during the Pilot Program, but at this stage we work with you to map out the implementation of the project. That includes scheduling shipments, training, making supply and maintenance arrangements and more.


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