Custom Apparel Startups Podcast Interview

All about Direct to Film Printing with Don Copeland

Is it time for YOU to jump into DTF printing?

Direct to Film printers are the most talked-about new products from 2021 and are SURE to be the same for 2022!

So the big questions are:

– What is Direct to Film (DTF)?
– What makes it different from other technologies
– Screen Printing/Transfers
– White toner Printing
– Sublimation
– What are the differences between different printers themselves?
– What comments do you have about people who don’t prefer to jump into new technology due to risks of something that isn’t ‘proven’. Should they wait? Is it time to jump in? Who should jump in?

Listen instead on the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast –  Episode 159 – All About Direct to Film Printers – Podcasts (


Resources and Links:

  1. DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2 High Volume DTF Printer
  2. DTF Printing White Paper
  3. DTF Compared to White Toner Printers
  4. Direct to Film Printer Case Study | Girl Scouts Cookie Shirts – Digital Heat FX

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