Happy at Home | Making a Custom T-Shirt

Have you heard of the #HappyatHome movement?
ColDesi has joined with the City of Tampa – our home town! – to help motivate, educate and encourage city residents. To do something DIFFERENT to pass the time, and prepare for what’s coming next.
And even though there are tons of things that you can do with your family pass the time – we have presented a uniquely COLDESI idea…

Making Custom T-shirts at Home!

So, we started with a super-fun design that you can use with any vinyl cutter – home or commercial version. Have a Cricut or Silhouette? That’s perfect. A bigger cutter than what we show here? That’s fine too.
This design will help show a little love for our city until we can all get back to enjoying it 100%.
Here are the details:
You can use ANY t-shirt. Pull and old one out of the drawer or find a new blank one online.
We use our Triton Heat Transfer Vinyl, Colman and Company Heat Press and Graphtec Cutter. These t-shirt making tools are a popular startup t-shirt business kit and will work in anyone’s home.
But as we said, any cutter, heat transfer vinyl (tshirt vinyl) will work.

The first step in making these custom vinyl t-shirts is using the Graphtec Cutter to carefully cut out the design.

Next, the vinyl design is “weeded” – that’s where you remove the vinyl you DON’T want applied to your shirt. Kind of like peeling a band aid away from the backing. For this process you can simply use your fingers or use a tool like a weeding pick from Colman and Company.

 Then place the vinyl design onto the t-shirt while under the heat press. The Heat Press will apply the heat and pressure needed to adhere the vinyl to the t-shirt. Our Triton Vinyl only needs about 10 seconds under the press to adhere completely.
Once time is up, keep the shirt on the lower platen of the heat press and carefully – tshirt will be hot – pull the vinyl transfer sheet off of the t-shirt.

Make your own #HappyAtHome T-Shirt by downloading this FREE Artwork 

Get Your Custom T-Shirt Making Supplies

Colmanandcompany.com has all the supplies you need to get started making your own custom t-shirts.