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Buffalo Soldiers gear

Owner: Scott Arcell Simmons
Company: Tuxedo Imagination dba Buffalo Soldiers Gear, dba Embroidery & More by Tux
Address:  Las Vegas
Website: https://buffalosoldiersgear.com, http://embroiderybytux.com
Phone: (971) Call-Tux, (651) 367-9757
Decorating Technique: Embroidery, Vinyl
Type of business: Custom Embroidery, Vinyl, Screenprinting (outsourced)


Scott is an entrepreneur worth emulating. A niche market that’s also a passion, unique products and the kind of sustained drive that makes a successful business owner.


Tell us a little about who you are and what you do

I am an artist, designer, creator and a fan of “different”.

I do custom embroidery, vinyl, screen printing (outsourced).

I have also dabbled in the brush-n-bake system to create rhinestone designs.  I am hoping to expand my knowledge of this technique this year.


What was your biggest hurdle in getting started?

My biggest hurdle getting started was finances. The right equipment makes the job much easier, in my opinion.

I was only making white t-shirts when I started. With a printer and some inkjet transfer paper.


How do you decide what Markets to go after?

I “watch” Social Media and the trends that occur. And I’ve got six children to poll for ideas.

The Buffalo Soldiers is my primary focus right now. Educating the public about some really unknown American Heroes and I ride with the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.


What technologies do you Use?

I use computers, software (for invoicing, ordering, orders, etc.), Embroidery Software, several different design programs, vinyl cutters, still use the printers on occasion for sample designs.


What did you get from ColDesi and why?

I bought an Avancé commercial embroidery machine. I do a lot of events throughout the year and kept getting asked when I was going to start doing embroidery.

After a year of researching machines and talking with Ona – the sales rep – and an almost major mistake of buying a used machine – I decided to go with the Avancé.

And it’s a workhorse. I regularly run it for 16-18 hours or more each day.


How do you set your pricing?

I’ve actually gone with similar pricing from other companies, once it’s explained. But also learning from forums with others in the industry.

And how much I need to make per hour for the shop to operate with a profit. But I’m still learning. I’ve given some incorrect quotes off the top of my head and paid for it.


What products do you sell that other businesses might need?

I create company logos, shirts, hats and occasionally a brochure.

I also do coats, jackets, and jeans. Denim is great for embroidery and company advertising.


What’s next for your company?

The plan is to branch out to other events besides motorcycle events. I’ve started making some basic t-shirts with positive slogans and also some catchy slogans.

Looking to sell more online and possibly add a brick and mortar location. Also seeking a few more corporate accounts.


What Advice would you give someone just starting out?

Get as much information as you can, from those that are already in business. Also from YouTube, Forums, FB Groups, etc.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Everyone has a way of doing things the way they do them.

Find your way by following others. Don’t expect family and friends to support you.

Seems like a negative statement, but someone forewarned me and I’m truly grateful that they did.

And the main thing I tell others that call me when they’re starting out – it’s sometimes going to be a very frustrating process, but it’s well worth it.

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