Garment Printing Customer Service: Three Basic Principles

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Outstanding customer service in garment printing is more than a slogan; it’s a philosophy!


Three basic principles to providing the best for your clients, and making your business a long-term success.

It takes more than outstanding products to make a garment printing shop a long-term success. Commercial embroidery, rhinestone decorating, direct to garment or screen printer shops are an intensely competitive industry and can have more than its share of challenges.

What it actually takes to succeed in garment printing, other than exceptional designs, is excellent customer service.  Every organization says they provide the best customer service. From experience, you know that is not the case. Anyone who has experienced lousy service at a restaurant or a retailer understands that there is an enormous difference between words and action.

Unfortunately, outstanding customer service is less common than we would like to think.

Customer service is more than words; it is a philosophy!

It should be obvious to everyone in the garment printing industry that exceptional customer service is the answer to longevity. Treat customers poorly, and you cannot expect to make it for the long haul.

Customer service, especially in garment printing, is not a slogan plastered on a wall or a sign hung over a doorway. It is part of the fabric of every employee, in every shop. Treating the customer right is not just an act; it is a philosophy.

With the ups-and-downs that are part of garment printing industry, there will be times where it is difficult to maintain a high level of customer service. That is precisely the point! Giving your best, even when it is easier to let the “little” things slide, is what will keep your garment printing company afloat—in good times and bad.

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Three guidelines to ensure your garment printing company offer nothing but the best customer service. Make these principles a part of your company’s DNA and your customer base will remain loyal to your shop:

When it comes to customer service, every employee should see the big picture

The best salespeople know one thing; they are not in the business of selling a product, their primary duty is making people happy! Make that belief the basis of your garment printing business. You want to sell a product, but that is not your client’s problem. They want something that will fulfill a need or solve a problem. Customers need to be happy, and you have the tools to make it so!

When motivating employees to deliver the best customer service, they should know exactly who they are working for. Yes, you might be signing the paychecks, but they are actually working for the customer! Your employees should know how each of their jobs contributes to the goal of making people happy. Without the customer, there is no garment printing business!

Give the customer plenty of choices

When it comes to making people happy with garment printing, a wide range of choices is the best tool you have. However, before presenting the range of alternatives—and potentially overwhelm the customer—your staff must understand their needs. How can someone solve a problem before they even know what the problem is?

Your garment printing company should ensure every customer has all the necessary information to make a decision. Give them access to all the pricing, embellishment and garment choices available to them.  Anything less falls short of the goal of providing stellar customer service.

Don’t sell, teach! This goes for both customers and employees

Technologies in garment printing, especially the latest generation of direct to garment printers, can produce a vast number of different options. Your client may have never seen so many products before. A customer can easily get confused. This is why your business focus should be on learning.

Customers respond to expert advice. That means your staff should be knowledgeable in all the products and services you have to offer. Make sure you fully train all employees, so they can, in turn, best inform the customer. A well-educated customer is more likely to return to the experts (you!) when they need more information or products.

Besides, what is the point in having the best products, like CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machines, SWF/E-1504DF Four-Head Embroidery System or DTG M4 Garment Printer, if your employee does not know all of the remarkable things they can do?

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What are your guiding principles for outstanding customer service in the garment printing industry? We would like to know! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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