If you make a move BEFORE you see the new Daily-Jet 4060 Digital Screen Printing machine in January

You could be making a $100,000 mistake!

If you’re a Screen Printer about the make the jump into Digital or Hybrid – or about to invest in that huge auto…

If you’re about to to take the plunge with an Ovaljet, ROQ, M&R Digital Squeegee Hybrid…

If you are already a high volume digital shop using Kornit or Aeoon…

  • In the Digital vs Screen Printing debate, the pendulum has swung to far to the digital side, time to look at real solutions.

The downsides of the industrial DTG Solutions like the Kornit, Oval-Jet and Aaeoon for anything other than one-off prints have come to the surface:


* Huge Capital Investment

* Limited to cotton and cotton blends

* High Cost Per Print

* Poor Wash Fast and Poor Work Flow


The Ultimate Solution for orders of 20-750, even to 1200 pieces or more… multi-color, cotton, blends, polyesters… is the Bihong Digital Hybrid. It  combines the best of Digital and Screen.


Lets get back to reality of T-shirt printing; there is no ONE solution that does all things.


But the Bihong Digital Hybrid is the closest thing to it.


For the ultimate solution, talk to ColDesi about Bihong it may be your silver bullet!

The Ultimate
Hybrid Digital Screen Printing

Live Online and in person demonstrations available

Daily-Jet 4060
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Our team is working hard to make the launch of the DailyJet Digital Screen Print machine the biggest event the market has seen in a long time.  You’ll have to come see it to believe it.

DailyJet Gives You:

Do we have your attention now?

You’ll want to know more, and we can fill you in on **some of the details before the show.

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The word of Traditional Screen Printing has changed forever now that Digital Screen Printing is hitting its stride.  Don’t get stuck with early adopter features and prices – take advantage of what’s next with Daily Jet from ColDesi! 

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