If you make a move BEFORE you see the new Daily-Jet 4060 Digital Screen Printing machine in January

You could be making a $100,000 mistake!

If you’re a Screen Printer about the make the jump into Digital or Hybrid – or about to invest in that huge auto…

If you’re about to to take the plunge with an Ovaljet, ROQ, M&R Digital Squeegee Hybrid…

If you are already a high volume digital shop using Kornit or Aeoon…

Then waiting to see the all new Bihong Daily-Jet 4060 at the Impressions Show in Long Beach in January could make a $50,000 to $250,000 difference to your business.

Maybe you’ve heard about the way hybrid screen-printing is revolutionizing the world of traditional screen printing. How Digital Screen Printing is causing operational costs to plunge.

Maybe you have seen the signs, but didn’t see any big players taking the lead?
Your wait is almost over. ColDesi, the world leader in total shop solutions for custom products will be launching a truly incredible new machine at the ISS show in Long Beach.

The Ultimate
Hybrid Digital Screen Printing


Daily-Jet 4060
brought to you by industry-leading

Our team is working hard to make the launch of the DailyJet Digital Screen Print machine the biggest event the market has seen in a long time.  You’ll have to come see it to believe it.

DailyJet Gives You:

  • Near perfect registration of color separations
  • Precise control over fades and patterns & traps
  • Radically faster print changes and labor savings
  • Ability to print ALL fabric types (polyesters) and colors in one setup

Do we have your attention now?

You’ll want to know more, and we can fill you in on **some of the details before the show.

Let's talk - and schedule a demonstration at Impressions - or to talk to a professional at ColDesi


The word of Traditional Screen Printing has changed forever now that Digital Screen Printing is hitting its stride.  Don’t get stuck with early adopter features and prices – take advantage of what’s next with Daily Jet from ColDesi!