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Print on everything your competition can't!

UV Printers are revolutionizing the printing industry by giving business owners the ability to print on tons of finished goods. What used to only be available in large manufacturing is now capable for a business of any size. UV Printing puts the power to print on nearly anything in your hands, which makes it a profit powerhouse!

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So what can you print on?

The list goes on and on, so what would YOU print for your customers?

Why is UV Printing causing a revolution?

How does it work?

UV Printing is similar to other inkjet printers but the ink is cured with UV light. So as your goods pass through the machine they dry instantly giving the ability to print on just about anything, even cylindrical items.

How much do prints cost?

It all depends on what you are printing, but its not expensive to print at all. For example we printed an entire bed of golf balls recently for under 25 cents in ink.

How fast is it?

These printers put you in control. You can slow things down to get high resolution photo quality, or go to a speed mode where it prints goods in seconds. The software puts you in complete control. Many users advise us their machines profit hundreds of dollars an hour.

How much do they cost?

UV Printers start at around $21000 or about $500 a month financed. An investment worth while for a business trying to out-do their competition or sell unique customized goods. One of the few machines that can pay for its monthly payment in less than a days work.

What other questions do you have?

UV Printing is so unique it brings us some of the most unique questions and custom samples we have ever seen. Contact a UV Printing Pro to get all of your questions answered. Even get a custom sample made!