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Low Cost Per Print DTG Printer

Make more money with the DTG G4

Low Cost Per Print DTG Printer

Make more money with the DTG G4

DTG G4 Introductory Pricing

MSRP $19,995

Rebate of $3,000

Your Price $16,995

Payments as low as $361/month* Terms and conditions apply

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We Have Financing Options Available

Cash Flow vs Cash Purchase

The advantage of starting a debt-free business is that you have the comfort of not having to worry about making a monthly payment. If you have a bad month or it takes you some time to generate sales, you don’t have the burden of a big payment at the end of the month. Once you DO start selling, the money you earn goes right to you and/or the bottom line.

The drawbacks of the debt-free approach to starting an embroidery business or custom t-shirt business usually outweigh those advantages above, which inspires many ColDesi customers to Finance or Lease equipment instead.

Better equipment = profitability. Leasing equipment usually means that you can afford more or better systems. That’s why so few people pay cash for a vehicle. 

One of the things that kills many small businesses is getting a really big order. It sounds counterintuitive, but when you get a very large order for the first time you will have to purchase the blanks and pay for those up front.

Our leasing partners at Adia Capital can speak to you at length about this and of course you should consult a tax professional.

Print Queue is the Easiest Way to Print. Period.

The Print Queue and Control panel on the new G4 is a PRODUCTIVITY breakthrough. It allows you to do things that you would just assume any printer can do but they can’t. And once you see it and experience how it works you’ll wonder how it was ever any different.

Technology That Changes Everything

Every month you’ve waited. Just watching others grab your share of the *10 BILLION dollar t-shirt market in the US. You’ve sat, just watching, because DTG Printers were too hard to use. Or because you heard that maintenance was tricky and expensive.

Because Direct to Garment printing was either just toooo slow, or too expensive at the speeds you need. And you heard that you were tied to your printer to do maintenance every day – or ELSE.

But you can stop just sitting there on the sidelines right now – because the DTG G4 is here.

You simply drape the shirt over the platen. A strong vacuum holds in place. It takes about 5 seconds to “hoop” it. And anyone can do it right!

Did you know that one of the reasons that DTG Printers used to need that daily maintenance is because of ink spray? Instead of the ink spraying into the air, the DTG G4 pulls the ink down into the t-shirt where it belongs.

Twenty or thirty seconds per shirt may not seem like much – but if you’re printing 1,000 shirts per month you spend an extra 5.5-6 hours just hooping that you don’t have to! 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Just received my machine and am beyond thrilled with the tremendous quality and care put into the product. ColDesi is a company that truly wants success for their customers and it shows. Will be doing business with this team for the foreseeable future!"

Everything you wanted in a direct to garment printer


Normal – 53 sec (CMYK)/ 102 sec (CMYK+W)
Quality – 79 sec (CMYK)/ 165 sec (CMYK+W)

The DTG G4 T-Shirt Printer really does contain technology that changes everything – it’s the perfect choice to power your business and turn your ideas into profits!