Introducing the Epson F2100
DTG on Dark Shirts

The newest Epson DTG Printer, the F2100, has all the capabilities of Epson’s breakout success – the Epson F2000 – but adds key features that customers have been asking for.

Epson’s flagship model, the F2100 DTG Printer on Dark Shirts provides increased reliability, greater productivity, and an enhanced print quality compared to the F2000.

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    Four Key Advantages of the Epson F2100

    The proven advantages of the F2100 over other direct to garment printers on the market are easy to see if you know what you’re looking for:

    This Epson DTG printer has a list price of $17,995, but is commonly offered as low as $14,495 with promotions directly from Epson. While cost shouldn’t be the only factor you should consider, this price does make it easier to break into the t-shirt printing business.

    The Epson F2100 always comes with white ink, so you’re able to print on dark cotton shirts right out of the box. Not only that, it has a unique approach to printing that white DTG ink.

    First it lays down a white under base, then applies a bright white highlight layer on top while it prints the other (CMYK) colors. The results are you get a more vividly printed custom t-shirt.

    Just like the Epson F2000, the F2100s predecessor, the latest model will print as high as 1440×1440 resolution. That alone will give you a crystal clear and detailed print.

    But the Epson F2100 direct to garment printer also allows for 8 manual platen height settings. That means you can get the blank wholesale t-shirt as CLOSE to the print head as possible. The closer it is, the more precisely the ink jets can place the image onto your shirt.

    That leads to an even better-looking image at the same high resolution!

    Since many people just starting out in the dtg printing business don’t print every day, maintenance used to be a problem. Because when liquid ink sits in the print head and the lines of a direct to garment printer it will eventually clog the system.

    Clogged ink lines and print heads are expensive to replace.

    Epson developed a simple solution. They include a cleaning cartridge that sits right along side the CMYK and White inks that keep your system running. You’ll still have to maintain your new Epson DTG Printer but it’s quick and simple now.

    Robust Garment Platen

    Medium Size 14″ x 16″ Included

    1 of 7
    PrecisionCore® TFP® Printhead

    Commercial-grade printhead technology designed specifically for DTG imaging

    2 of 7
    Simple Front Control Panel

    Full Color LCD with Image Preview

    3 of 7
    Easy Top Access Cover

    Used for printer maintenance and viewing of garments being printed

    4 of 7
    USB Memory Port

    Perfect for PC-Free Printing Workflows

    5 of 7
    Ethernet & USB
    6 of 7
    Cartridge Location

    600 mL size ink cartridges x 6 
    700 mL size cleaning cartridge x 1

    7 of 7


    Extra Small 7″ x 8″
    Small 10″ x 12″
    Medium Grooved 14″ x 16″
    Large 16″ x 20″
    Sleeve 4″ x 4″

    True Photographic Quality

    Unlike traditional screen printing, direct-to-garment imaging can produce true  photographic-quality garments. This opens up new possibilities as a T-shirt printer, while creating new revenue opportunities.

    Impressive White Imaging

    Printing on darker fabrics requires advanced White Ink technology. With Epson UltraChrome DG Ink, Epson developed an all-new natural white color with exceptional density. This results in outstanding color brilliance, while retaining a soft hand for impressive dark garment printing.

    Brilliant Color & Solid Blacks

    A unique property of Epson UltraChrome DG Ink technology is its exceptional color brilliance. This allows for highly-saturated color, even when printing on various colored garments — without the use of White ink!

    More than T-Shirts

    Epson UltraChrome DG Ink produces amazing color on virtually any cotton-based textile. Print directly on canvas tote bags, scarves, leggings, pillow covers, pet clothing and more. Get creative and expand your business opportunities.

    Safe for Children’s Apparel

    Unlike many direct-to-garment inks, Epson UltraChrome DG Ink has passed Oeko-Tex specification. This allows you to produce, market and sell clothing for children.

    Epson F2100 DTG Common Questions Answered

    Typically, maintenance should take about 10 minutes per week. Here’s what that looks like:

    • Once per day the system will instruct you to remove and shake the white ink cartridges

    • Print a Nozzle Check every day

    • If required, do a printhead clean

    • Once weekly clean the Printhead Cleaning Cap

    • Shake your color ink cartridges about once per quarter

    • After between 750 and 1,000 prints you’ll replace the Capping Station, Fabric Wiper and Flushing Pad

    • You automatically get 1 year of Preferred Service.

    • Technical Support directly from Epson from 6AM to 6PM PST

    • If required, on-site service is provided. Typically, next day.

    • Warranty includes all parts, labor and printheads.

    Ask about the Optional 1-Year Preferred Plus Service Extension!

    • Large: 16” x 20”

    • Extra Small 7” x 8”

    • Sleeve Platen 4” x 4”

    • Small 10” x 12”

    How Fast will the Epson DTG Print?

    The 4 most common print modes will take about this long for a 10” x 8” print on a white shirt. (no white ink is used)

    White T-Shirt 8"x10" Print Time In Seconds

    T-Shirt Print Time In Seconds – Shorter Bars are Faster

    Level 1 (Speed)
    Level 2 (Default)
    Level 3
    Level 4 (Quality)

    Black T-Shirt 8"x10" Print Time In Seconds

    Shorter Bars are Faster

    Level 1 (Speed)
    Level 2
    Level 3 (Default)
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level 6 (Quality)

    When calculating how long it will take you to complete an actual print job don’t forget to allow for pretreat and press times as well as loading and unloading the shirt.

    What Else will I Need?

    Other than ancillary consumables and supplies which we list below, you’ll probably need 2 significant pieces of equipment to complete your custom t-shirt production line.

    Heat Press Machine

    Every DTG printed shirt needs to be heat pressed twice. Once after you pretreat and once after you cure the shirt. This part of the process is incredibly important as the temperature and pressure influences how bright the image looks AND how well it washes and long it lasts.

    The heat press we typically recommend with the Epson F2100 dtg printer is the GeoKnight DK20A.

    The DK20A is a professional, high-quality 16” x 20” press with an automatic open feature. You set the time you want your shirt pressed for and it will automatically “pop” open when that time is up. That way, you will never scorch or burn a shirt. 

    Pretreatment Machine

    Pretreatment is like a primer that must be applied to dark shirts for the white ink to adhere properly and give you a GREAT image.

    You can either spray this pretreatment liquid on with a hand sprayer or use an automatic pretreat machine like the PTM.

    The advantage to the PTM is that you will get a consistent amount and coverage of pretreat every time. And there’s no mess OUTSIDE the self-contained application machine. Watch this demonstration video and you’ll see how that works.

    What do the Epson F2100 DTG Supplies Cost?

    Blank shirts are one supply that doesn’t get discussed very much, but is a vital part of projecting how much money you can make with the F2100 printer.

    Direct to Garment prints look best on high quality, 100% cotton t-shirts. And since most DTG shops are printing short run, high color images they can afford to offer them.

    Here are a few common examples from Colman and Company, a wholesale t-shirt supplier with no minimum orders and no reseller license required:

    These shirts are a good example of your options and prices. For lettering, low price jobs, and event shirts you MAY choose a less expensive shirt like the PC54. Just realize you won’t get the amazing quality you would from the DT104.

    High-quality 100% cotton shirts have better looking AND longer-lasting prints.

    Other popular and premium brand blanks that include great shirts for DTG printing:


    Next Level

    Port Authority

    Epson F2000 DTG printer gets an upgrade > F2100

    While many of the basics are the same – like the 14”x16” included platen, the manual platen height adjustment and the up to 1440×1440 print resolution – there are some important upgrades:

    The F2100 is 30% FASTER than the F2000. Can you imagine getting a sale for 100 custom tees and being able to knock almost 1/3 off of your labor cost and production time? That’s what the F2100 delivers.

    Ink Clog Filters – maintenance is KEY! As you know, ink clogs can cause serious damage to expensive components in a direct to garment printer. These new ink clog filters that the F2000 did NOT have save money and time.

    White Highlight Layer – that ability to lay down a white layer as an underbase, then have that bright white ink printed AGAIN with the colors make every print look better on the F2100 than it did on the Epson F2000 dtg printer.

    Precision Dot Technology – means that the printer can use different sized ink droplets. The smaller the droplets, the more precise the image reproduction. But sometimes, you just want a FAST print with a simple design, and the larger dots allow that to happen too.

    Double the platen Levels – The closer the shirt is to the ink jets, the more detailed the image prints. But since garments vary in thickness you can just leave the platen height at one setting. The Epson F2000 DTG Printer had 4 level adjustments. The F2100 has 8.

    Addition of a Cleaning Solution Cartridge – reduces daily maintenance.

    Maintenance Station Closeup
    Ink Bay Closeup

    User - Adjustable Platen Height Setting

    Printer then automatically verifies the surface height of the garment is at the acceptable height before printing.

    Platen height can be adjusted in 0.5mm increments to accommodate garments up to 25mm thick.

    Garment Grip Pad Cover

    Faster garment loading when using the grip pad cover instead of the traditional platen hoop. The grid pad cover can be applied to small, medium, and large-size platens and is user replaceable.

    Epson F2100 Specifications

    Maximum Print Size 16 x 20 inches
    Print Head PrecisionCore® TFP® (CMYK + W)
    Nozzle Configuration 360 nozzles x 10
    Maximum Print Resolution - White Up to 1440x1440 dpi for White Ink
    Maximum Print Resolution - Color Up to 1440x7200 dpi for White Ink
    Ink Cartridge 600ml Cartridge with encrypted chip
    Ink Cartridge Configuration 6 Cartridges (CMYKWW)+1 Cleaning
    Ink Type UltraChrome DG Ink; 5-color
    Operating Systems Windows 10 and 8.1, Windows Vista® macOS 10.13 – Mac® OS X® 10.6
    Power AC 100V or AC 200V
    Size and Weight 58.5 x 38.8 x 19.3 inches / 183 lbs

    $423.69 per month


    Epson F2100 Printer
    $ 14,495
    • Surecolor F2100 Printer - Medium Platen (14” x 16”), Installation Ink Set (250 ml Cart, C,M,Y,K,Wh,WH + 700ML Cleaning Cart), AC Power Cable, Wast ink Tubing and Holder, and Printer Maintenance Kit
    • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty [Travel cost included]
    • Epson Garment Creator Software
    • Training & Support - Online Training

    $556.87 per month


    Epson F2100 Printer
    $ 22,070
    • Surecolor F2100 Printer - Medium Platen (14” x 16”), Installation Ink Set (250 ml Cart, C,M,Y,K,Wh,WH + 700ML Cleaning Cart), AC Power Cable, Wast ink Tubing and Holder, and Printer Maintenance Kit
    • 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty [Travel cost included]
    • Epson Garment Creator Software
    • Training & Support - Online Training
    • DTG Epson Startup Kit include 1 of each Cartridge (600 ML C,M,Y,K,WH,WH), CleanSol, DTGRPAPER-SILI-SAMPLE, DTG Pretreat, 20ft Ethernet Cable, CONTROLSPRAY, CONTSPRAYFRT
    • George Knight Heat Press 16x20 Clamshell Auto Release
    • PTM DTG Pretreat Machine includes PTM kit (1 liter Washing Solution, Soaker Jar, Cleaning Tools, 4ct Spray Tip O-Rings, 2 Spray Tip EVS
    • CAS T-Shirt Business How to Start a T-Shirt Business Training
    • GIMP Training Course
    **With approved credit and years in business. Other terms and conditions apply.

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