Video Connection | How Does Commercial DTF Printing Work?

Direct-to-film printing is all the buzz, but have you ever wondered how commercial, high-volume DTF Printers work?

In this step-by-step tutorial, we are using the all-new, compact DTF-12H2. It prints around 50 8”x10” transfers an hour! Here’s how it works:

1. The DT-12H2 printer has a dual print head design that lays down the colors in a blend of CMYK colors with the first printhead and then lays down a white underbase on top of the colors in perfect alignment so that you do not have any white peeking out.

2. The adhesive powder is then automatically added to the back of the transfers. It’s the unique powder adhesive coating that gives commercial DTF prints their signature soft touch. Instead of thick transfer films, or vinyl, the Direct to Film Process has only two ingredients. The ink and a thin coating of powdered adhesive.

3. The DTF printer uses PET transfer film, which is translucent, so you can see the design underneath the film when you later heat-press it onto the garment. The films used with the DTF-12H2 are both roll-fed and designed for a hot peel.

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