TAMPA, FL 07/28/2022 – ColDesi is now including a free DTF Transfer Kit with their Direct-to-Garment printing machine, the DTG G4.


The G4 DTG printer previously made headlines for its patented vacuum platen. This advancement in DTG printing technology improves production time, creates more vibrant images, and reduces maintenance on the G4.


Now the company reports wider marketability and customer problem-solving with the DTF printing capabilities of the DTG G4. This already revolutionary t-shirt printer now solves for 3 common limitations of DTG printing in general:

  1. Traditionally, DTG printing has been the top option for decorating 100% cotton t-shirts, with some success in producing high quality prints on cotton-heavy blends. But getting consistently great results on both synthetic blends and especially 100% dark polyester t-shirts has been challenging.


image of DTG G4 DTF Kit

Direct to film transfers printed with the new G4 DTF for DTG kit can be easily applied to those problem materials – doubling the opportunity for sales.


  1. Alternative placements are also a challenge in DTG, but it is a straightforward process to print and apply DTF transfers as tags, sleeve graphics and more.


  1. Up until DTF for DTG Kits, the growing wholesale transfer market was out of reach for DTG-Only shops.


“It’s a little cliché, but this really is a game-changer for our DTG customers,” says Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi, Inc. “Many of our clients only have one form of apparel decorating in their shop, and that’s DTG. This new DTF Transfer option will open doors, and revenue opportunities, for anyone with a G4 by getting them into the transfer business with ZERO additional investment.”


Direct-to-Film printing has quickly become all the buzz in the apparel industry. DTF transfers can be applied to a variety of materials using short heat press times.


The DTF Transfer Kit for the DTG G4 includes:

  • DTF Adhesive White Powder – The powder is an adhesive coating that the ink bonds to which gives DTF transfers their signature soft touch.
  • DTF A3 Film Sheets – This premium DTF film is designed for use with the DTG G4 or a similar direct to garment printer. It’s designed to be a hot peel making it great for production runs.
  • DTG DTF Shaker Kit – DTF Powder application assembly for use when making DTG-DTF transfers with your DTG G4 or other similar direct to garment printers. This is used to help apply the DTF adhesive powder to transfers by placing the transfer into the tube that is filled with powder and shaking it.


To learn more about the DTF Transfer Kit and DTG G4, click here.


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