Facebook Problems This Week! | The Importance of More-than-one-thing Marketing

Even the biggest marketing platforms have problems and can cause you problems.


For instance, a few times this week Facebook had problems and went down. Earlier this year they changed some advertising policies as we that affected us. Unfortunately, long-running and successful ad campaigns stopped working.


Changes at Google can also cause problems. They are always “improving” their search algorithm. Each time they do, it knocks someone from the #1 spot in search in their niche – killing their sales.


These things are reminders of one simple fact: The companies that you may rely on to bring business to your door and money in your bank aren’t under your control.


 They don’t owe you anything.

 Even though you may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each month on advertising. Google’s REAL customers are the public. Not businesses. So, if they must sacrifice some of YOUR sales to give users a better experience they will.


I found this out the hard way about 5 years ago. I used an SEO technique to get several important sales websites ranked high on Google. It took a LONG time to make that happen. Then Google changed the way it looks at search and all but one of those sites dropped off the first page. That happened…





That’s Why I Worry About YOU

 Keep reading even if you don’t use those platforms to get business. The same potential disasters can apply to you too. The digital marketing world moves faster than most other outlets, but everything changes.

Many of ColDesi’s customers get their business through word of mouth or local networking and personal connections. Some do nothing but event marketing. For example, by following cheer competitions or working regular local markets and events.

Other startups focus on schools or school sports teams looking for annual contracts or bids.

One customer I spoke to recently is an absolute PRO at networking events. He belongs to a BNI (business networking group), where he gets the lion share of their business.

All that success is amazing! But it’s ALSO why I worry.

Because if your business relies on only ONE thing, you’re walking a tightrope, over a fire, with no net. And snakes. Lots of snakes.

What if this happens?

  • Facebook decides to charge you a million dollars to have an FB business page?
  • Google doesn’t show listings for any business without a business license or address?
  • The farmers market where you make all your money at closes?• The School system goes private?
  • The town you’re in outlaws knocking on doors for sales?

Pick your own disaster.

The Solution:


One of those things will probably happen sometime in the life of your business.
You cannot prevent that.

But what you CAN do is make a conscious effort to diversify your marketing. Get your customers and sales from more than just one place.

And if you are a one-customer company, you’ll be amazed at what can happen when you try 1 or 2 new things!

For example:

Up until our Digital HeatFX t-shirt transfer system came out, we had done almost no real Facebook advertising. That’s been amazing.

When trade shows started dying off as a big source of finding new customers about 4 years ago we had already started investing in Google Ads and made a great transition.

A friend of mine had been advertising her business in magazines for a year and did okay – but diversified into doing more public relations and is up almost 40%.

All of those represent the power of doing more than just one thing.

The best part is that when the #1 way you get business closes, fails, or just slowly deteriorates you’ve got a #2, #3 or #4 in the wings.
And if it doesn’t – look at all that new business you’ll get from ADDING a Marketing Thing to your business now.

So, Do Me a Favor…

Help me stop worrying.

Write down all the different ways you COULD market your business -then pick 2 to learn more about, focus on, or just start doing. 

Then put them in the comments below or send me a note to let me know what they are.


Mark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson

Director of Marketing

Mark is the Director of Marketing for ColDesi, Inc., Cohost of the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast and Author of the “How to Start a Custom T-Shirt Business” online training course

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