If Etsy Had a Retail Store… This would be it.

Athena’s Creations Makes EVERYTHING

Owner: Chris Kallas
Address: 110 E. Tarpon Springs Avenue, Tarpon Springs, FL.
Phone: 727-935-1158
Decorating Technique: UV Printing with Compress iUV1200s
Type of business: Retail and Custom UV Printing



This retail business uses a Compress UV Printer to make just about everything they sell. And they sell just about EVERYTHING!

  • Custom phone cases
  • Side tables
  • Coasters
  • Canvas
  • Wedding gifts
  • Tray tables
  • Wooden signs
  • Coasters
  • Christmas decorations
  • Halloween decorations
  • Greek signs
  • Religious items
  • .. and basically, everything else

Tarpon Springs is a unique community on the West Coast of Florida. Founded in the 1880s, it’s sponge docks and Greek influence have propelled it into a regular tourist destination and a local favorite. Attached to the most touristy area by the docks, Downton Tarpon Springs hosts a collection of very cool shops and restaurants, and now Chris Kallas and Jenny Vitale’s “Athena’s Creations”.

During a recent visit to Athena’s, we got the chance to talk with Chris and get a tour of the store.

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do

I have been a stay at home Dad. Jenny and I have been looking for a business to get into. We were going to go into the custom t-shirt business and sell them to tourists and locals in our area.

But then we went to ColDesi to see the M2 DTG Printer for making custom t-shirts, then we saw the Compress UV Printer and were blown away by the possibilities.”

We got the printer with the intent to open up a business making and selling everything the UV printer could do. It took about 7 months, but we opened Athena’s Creations a few weeks ago.

The Mayor of Tarpon Springs came to the opening and we printed a canvas for him from his trip to Greece”.

What’s next on your store start-up agenda?

Our website is currently being built. We plan to sell a lot online along with the retail sales.

We’re also making some sidewalk signage and plan to reach out to area wedding photographers and other businesses. “

Inside Athena’s Creations retail shop in Tarpon Springs, FL

Athena’s Creations is a perfect example of the Compress UV Printers ability print on almost anything. You don’t have to decide you want to just do art reproductions or signage or picture frames or golf balls. You can decide who your customer is going to be and make what makes sense for them.

For example, Athena’s offers custom printed side tables with matching coasters.
  • Imagine you and your family have just come back from a fishing trip (boat charters are available close by). Athena’s can create an end table with the family fish picture on it, then coasters of the family OR for each one of the kids. FedX is right next door, so that keepsake would be there when you got home.

ColDesi showed off the ability to print custom fan blades in one of our videos, but Athena’s made it a reality.

  • Take that same vacation picture, or a favorite building or landscape, or even one of the amazing sunsets you can get just off the coast and turn that into a piece of décor in your home.
  • Redecorating? Get exactly the look you want from your ceiling fan… and maybe it even matches your side tables…
Printing custom puzzles is a GREAT idea!
  • Any image you can print on a coaster or on a canvas you can make into a real, working, fun puzzle! Great for families, but also for…
  • Gifts and corporate give-a-ways

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