Custom Apparel Startups Releases New T-Shirt Design Course

Jul 11, 2018 | News

TAMPA, FLORIDA – 07/11/2018-

This week, the t-shirt business experts over at custom apparel startups released their new Gimp T-Shirt Design Course to the public.

The course is well-targeted toward future business leaders interested in starting a custom t-shirt business, embroidery shop or a high-end bling boutique.

“We took one of the most powerful, yet easy to acquire tools for image processing and design manipulation and combined it with everything we’ve learned over the years to help make your business an outstanding success,”  said Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing with ColDesi, Inc.

“ If you want to learn how to take the artwork your given and turn it into great looking finished t-shirt designs, this course is for you.” He said.

T-shirt businesses rely on creating original graphics and artwork, but often new businesses don’t have lots of money for expensive graphics programs to prepare their artwork or build out their online presence.

GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. It is free software that is open source and constantly being updated.

This course shows you how to take a design from scratch, and edit designs for the custom t-shirt business.

It contains 25 lectures.  These are t-shirt graphics projects that you actually complete yourself as you follow along.  No time is going to be spent on tools, effects or doodads you don’t need to create high-impact, profitable custom tees.

By the end of this course you will have made:

  • Distressed T-Shirt Design
  • Text-Based T-Shirt Design
  • Custom Logo from Scratch

Customers would also know how to edit images and photos, the difference between raster and vector images… and when you need which.


The course is titled:

GIMP T-Shirt Design Course

And can be found at the following link:



About the ColDesi Inc.  group

The ColDesi group of companies provides a full line of custom apparel creation equipment, helpful advice including e-commerce tips while boasting a combined 62 years in business.

They have helped more than 22,000 clients begin their dreams of expanding or starting their custom t-shirt bling or rhinestone business.


For supplies, Colman and Company, the supply arm of ColDesi, and equipment supplier is the world leading distributor of Triton brand HTV.  They carry the Digital Heat FX Custom T-Shirt Transfer Printers as well as Graphtec Vinyl Cutters and Hotronix Heat Presses.


To learn more about ColDesi, or Custom Apparel Startups, call 877-793-3278 or visit them on the web at https://coldesi.com/


Media Contact:

Thomas Rumbaugh


ColDesi, Inc.




SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc.

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