ColDesi Group Releases New Website for ProSpangle Equipment to Create Custom Bling T-Shirts

Jul 6, 2018 | News

bling t-shirtsTAMPA, FLORIDA – 07/06/2018-  ColDesi Inc. this week went live with their new ProSpangle website.  The site is targeted towards start-up t-shirt shops and custom t-shirt businesses.


The ProSpangle spangle transfer machine also called a sequin transfer machine, is the most advanced spangle transfer system on the market today.


The system uses a highly reflective and holographic ProSpangle heat transfer material designed to give the Maximum Bling while providing top-line profits.


The ProSpangle comes with the ability to run two 2mm, three 3 mm and one 4mm reel of ProSpangle Holographic material right out of the box, but the machine can cut at up to 5mm. That’s the equivalent of an SS20 sized rhinestone with nearly the same reflectance and much faster application speeds.

There are over 27 different colors and finish choices including holographic varieties which makes spangle transfers more cost-effective than typical rhinestone transfers.


ColDesi offers three different start-up bundles including at a minimum each of the following:

  • ProSpangle Machine – 6 Color Reels
  • Punch Sizes: 2x SS06 (2mm), 3x SS10 (3mm), 1x SS16 (4mm)
  • Press Units 2mm-5mm Round
  • 2 Years Parts & Labor Warranty – Travel Costs Not Included.
  • Sierra Hot Fix Era & AASP Communication Package (With Online Training)
  • Spangle Reels & Accessories –
  • One spangle reel of each of the following: Royal Matte, Red Matte, Gold Matte, Emerald Glossy, Brown Glossy, Blue Glossy, Dark Pink Glossy, Pink Glossy, Red Glossy, Red Holographic, Orange Holographic, Gold Holographic, Light Blue Holographic, Purple Holographic
  • Two spangle reels of each of the following: Silver Matte, Silver Glossy, Silver Holographic
  • Nomex Heat Pad and 2 boxes of 50 sheets 16″ x 13″ Acrylic Transfer Sheets
  • DK20-AUTO – 16” X 20” Auto Release Heat Press – Clamshell
  • DK7 Heat Press Cap – Knight 4 x 7 Cap
  • ProSpangle USB Flash Drive – ColDesi USB Key contains needed Training and Support materials
  • FREE Live Online or ColDesi office Training


Additional Machine Features:

  • Number of Color Reels – 6 colors/Sizes
  • Machine Operating Speed – 600-1000 spangles per minute
  • Machine Size – 40“w x 35“d x 30“h
  • Weight – 190 lbs
  • Spangle Size – 2mm – 5mm
  • Working Area – 13.5″ x 17.5″
  • Power – 110V


The ProSpangle has a top operating speed of 1000 spangles per minute.  It can place that many spangle shapes per minute in a pattern pre-determined by the software.


Each machine package includes Sierra HotFix Era software which is a premier apparel decorating software for rhinestone or sequin garments.  Created from the ground up just for apparel decorating. The software works very well with Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.


HotFix even provides a “live import” function that allows you to import an open design in one of those applications and convert to stones or sequins.  No additional software is necessary; the program comes with complete vector design tools, fonts and more in addition to its specific spangle/sequin tools.


Hotfix Era also works with any True Type font and also includes numerous built-in uniform fills in different patterns and styles.


About the ColDesi Inc.  group

The ColDesi group of companies provides a full line of custom apparel creation equipment while boasting a combined 62 years in business.  They have helped more than 22,000 clients begin their dreams of expanding or starting their own custom t-shirt bling or rhinestone business.


For supplies, Colman and Company, the supply arm of ColDesi, and equipment supplier is the world leading distributor of Triton brand HTV.  They carry the Digital Heat FX Custom T-Shirt Transfer Printers as well as Graphtec Vinyl Cutters and Hotronix Heat Presses.


To learn more about ColDesi, or Custom Apparel Startups, call 877-793-3278 or visit them on the web at https://coldesi.com/


Media Contact:

Thomas Rumbaugh


ColDesi, Inc.




SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc.

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