How to Build an Online T-Shirt Store Podcast Released, Episode #76

Jun 9, 2018 | News

TAMPA, FLORIDA – 06/09/2018-  ColDesi Inc today released episode 76 of the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast.


The episode titled “ How to Build an Online Store – The Right Way!” deals with the ins and outs of building an online sales presence from custom apparel guru’s Mark Stephenson and Marc Vila.


This week’s episode aims to help growing businesses, including t-shirt shops, UV print shops, and embroidery shops, improve their market reach with a great online store.


If you are planning to start an online store, this episode is a must listen.   Mark and Marc discuss many of the pitfalls to avoid.   Laid out as a step by step guide, listeners will find this episode is filled with tips and tricks to help build a solid online presence.


When Do You Need to Be Online?

  • If you plan to sell designs/styles that will be replicated,
  • If you plan to sell for fashion/entertainment.
  • If you can sell one-offs and ‘extras’ – the company orders big order of polos and include info to “go online and buy the hoodie, jacket, sweater, etc.” to all staff.


What are the Steps to Starting an Online (E-commerce) Store:

  • Research your shopping cart platform (DIY or full custom development?)
  • Pick your Website URL (Listen to Episode 73 about trademarks)
  • Make a plan and set a launch date
  • Pick your online products (consider inventory)
  • Take quality images of a product
  • Write great product descriptions and details
  • Set up emails for @url
  • Get the right security to take credit cards
  • Set up a merchant (credit card charging) account
  • Pick a shipping plan/providing
  • Test before you launch


Tips and Tricks From Our Experiences

  • Plan to change things regularly monthly / annually
  • Map out fresh content and new platforms
  • Always keep up to date
    Keep it clean; it represents your company.


List of eCommerce / online store/shopping cart software:

  • Shopify
  • 3dcart
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Magento
  • Infusionsoft
  • Inksoft
  • Wix
  • DecoNetwork
  • BigCartel
  • BigCommerceds – has oads of tips and tricks.


About the Podcast & Where to Learn More

The Custom Apparel Startups Podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, broadcasts weekly, whereby industry experts lay out helpful advice that business owners can use to grow their business.


The ColDesi group of companies Is a leading supplier of decorated apparel equipment in the US market.


This episode offers helpful advice for business owners wanting to understand more about the business aspect of running a competitive and profitable t-shirt shop.

About ColDesi, Inc and Colman & Company

ColDesi provides a full line of custom apparel creation equipment while boasting a combined 62 years in business.  They have helped more than 22,000 clients begin their dreams of expanding or starting their own custom tee sales business.


Colman and Company, the supply arm of ColDesi, and equipment supplier is the world leading distributor of Triton brand HTV.  They carry the Digital Heat FX Custom T-Shirt Transfer Printers as well as Graphtec Vinyl Cutters and Hotronix Heat Presses.


To learn more about ColDesi, or Custom Apparel Startups, call 877-793-3278 or visit them on the web at https://coldesi.com/


Media Contact:

Thomas Rumbaugh


ColDesi, Inc.




SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc.

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