Patch Kit Pro Embroidery Bundle Revealed by ColDesi

Nov 21, 2017 | News

TAMPA, FLORIDA -2/01/2019-  ColDesi, Inc., a global, award-winning leader in sales of commercial embroidery machines and white toner printers today announced their highly anticipated Patch Kit Pro Embroidery Machine Bundle.

“When you add patches to an existing t-shirt, screen print, or retail store, it’s like supercharging your profits,” said Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing with ColDesi, Inc.

“We have combined our best embroidery machine,” (the 1501C), “with Sierra Liberty monogramming software and all the materials needed to make great looking patches,” he said.

With over 21,000 customers served in their 40 + years in business, ColDesi has released their bundle at a price that is perfect for start-up business owners who have ties to schools, firefighters, clubs, groups military or police departments.


Who Can Use the Patch Kit Pro?

The Patch Kit Pro embroidery bundle is also well suited for existing t-shirt shops, embroidery shops, or municipalities who want to add convenient patch options to their existing customer base.

ColDesi also makes note that hobby and craft businesses can use the Patch Kit Pro Embroidery Bundle to create custom applique designs.

The Patch Kit Pro Bundle starts with ColDesi’s flagship embroidery machine -the Avancé 1501C.  The 1501C is a table-top machine that comes with a wheeled stand – ideal for home or commercial embroidery use.

The Avancé 1501C, with its extra-large hoop, is designed to create embroidery on bulky items.  It also comes with the ability to monogram caps easily for all-day operation.

In addition to the embroidery machine, the bundle also comes with the popular Patch Kit Pro by Colman & Company.  The kit includes all the supplies and tools necessary to make high-end custom patches.  The Kit has been a big hit on the company’s website for years.

The Patch Kit Pro Bundle can be purchased directly from ColDesi, Inc. and secure payment financing is available.

About ColDesi, inc,

ColDesi group of companies carry a full line of custom bling machines, monogramming machines, direct to garment printers, heat transfer printers, and vinyl cutters.

In their 40 years of business, ColDesi has helped thousands of clients reach their dreams of owning their own business and expanding into other markets.  ColDesi, Inc. group is a privately held family-owned group of companies with over 60 employees, and offices in New Jersey and Tampa.

To learn more about The Patch Kit Pro or how ColDesi, Inc. helps custom apparel business owners achieve their dreams, Call 877-793-3278, visit http://avance-emb.com or watch this Anytime Webinar right now and learn everything you need to know!

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Thomas Rumbaugh


ColDesi, Inc.



SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc

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