Owner: Tori Williamson
Company: Star Spangled Bling
Decorating Technique: Spangles
Phone: 336-501-1125

Her love for creative design and the desire to expand her business is what drives Tori Williamson. 

She’s grown her business and now services multiple booming markets with her amazing designs.

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do:

My name is Tori, and I own Star Spangled Bling.  I’ve created custom designs for my stencil company for many years and was looking to expand my business. I wanted to be able to continue with my love of creating designs, yet I needed a change.

I stumbled onto the ProSpangle and fell in LOVE with it! So I immediately called ColDesi at the number listed on their website and spoke with Tracy. And so my story began.

What was your biggest hurdle in getting started?

Honestly, the biggest hurdle for me was the weight of the machine!  I knew how well built the machine is but was surprised by how heavy it was. But, that was a temporary issue. Once we got the machine where we wanted it, I was off and running! I learned quickly and started creating amazing things with the software immediately.

How do you decide what Markets to pursue?

I don’t target any particular market. I’ve found if I concentrate on creating the very best designs I can, people will buy them. Once I create something, I’ll post it on my website, my Facebook page, and my Etsy store. I just design what I like and put it out there.

What Technologies do you Use?

We’ve purchased the ProSpangle, the Digital HeatFX System, and a Graphtec 6000-40.  We also own a GeoKnight DK20S heat press and a Hotronix Cap Press.

For software, we use CorelDraw and Sierra Hotfix Era to create all of our designs.

What did you get from ColDesi and why?

I bought my ProSpangle from ColDesi. My Graphtec cutter came from Colman & Company, and my Digital HeatFX Bundle came from Pantograms (ColDesi). That bundle includes the OKI White Toner transfer printer. You can’t go wrong when you get excellent customer service and support, so I just keep buying from y’all 🙂

How do you set your pricing?

It depends on what it is. Most of my work is fully custom, so I tend to ask my customers to give me a budget. I stay within their budget when I create their custom work. The customer knows what to expect.

What products do you sell that other apparel decorators might need?

I sell transfers to a lot of custom t-shirt businesses. Anyone that is in need of spangle/bling transfers or the full-color t-shirt transfers can call us for a quote. For those considering buying the equipment, it’s an excellent way to test the waters when considering a new product line for your customers.

What’s next for your company?

I don’t have any new plans other than trying to get all these spangle designs listed on my Facebook page and Etsy store lol. That is the UN-FUN part for me!  I don’t want to list stuff…I just want to have fun designing it and running my equipment!

What Advice would you give someone just starting out? 

I think the testing of your products is necessary. But THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I can say is, if I may be very blunt, DON’T BUY JUNK! Your work has your name attached to it. If you buy that “cheap heat press” that doesn’t give good even heat and pressure, you will never be a reliable company that customers can depend on.

No one wants to buy products that are hit and miss as far as quality.  Buy the good stuff and get it right the first time. You will build a good report with your customers who will know they can rely on you for the best product every time.

The other thing that is essential is to calculate your cost! Remember to allow for product, electricity, time and all other overhead involved in creating your product.

Don’t sell yourself short because you were too scared to price your product correctly. The biggest destroyer of our industry is playing the price war games. You devalue the industry and end up losing the game.

Also, for those of you starting out… I wish you the best of luck!!  Don’t be afraid to go for it!  It’s a fun industry, and I have met so many awesome people.

Have a good time with it.  Do your best, and buy good quality products and equipment. Then, price your product correctly for your sales (retail or wholesale). Soon you will be killin’ it in no time!

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