Compress UV Printers Opens New Showroom in Tampa

image of 3d printing from compuress uv printers

Compress UV Printers Opens New Showroom in Tampa

Sep 6, 2017 | News

image of 3d printing from compuress uv printers

amazing 3d texture printing instantly dry compress uv printers

TAMPA, FLORIDA, 9/06/2017 – The Compress brand of LED UV Printers (ultraviolet curing) today announced the opening of their new showroom in Tampa Florida.


Prospective customers will be able to receive hands-on demonstrations and pre-sales training on the equipment.  Compress staff will also use the new location for In-house problem-solving.


There will also be the latest iQ interweave software on hand for demonstration as well as numerous samples of the unique printing output that the UV printers create.


Both the iUV600-s and the iUV-1200s machines are available to be purchased in the US.  They and sold by the ColDesi group of companies.


The Compress LED UV printer is experiencing rapid growth in the Awards, Promotional Items, and POP Display Industries.


The large field 44.7” flatbed area allows for high resolution instantly dry printing on 3D products up to 11” tall.  The machine holds eight channels and offers CMYK plus White and Clear inks.


“3D texture printing on 3D objects is what is unique about these printers,” said Don Copeland, Product Manager for ColDesi, Inc. “The machine instantly cures as it prints, so you can build up layer after layer to make textured prints.” He said.


Both of the iUV series machines allow for direct printing on multiple parts at once -for industrial use.   The machine also can print on dozens of material substrates.


Car interior parts, injection molded enclosures, promotional products, and packaging can be printed in bulk or as one-offs.


There is also no need for specialized screens or plates, and the bulk ink cartridges allow for easy change out of the ink channels.


More About the ColDesi™ Group

ColDesi has helped over 20,000 clients reach their goals of owning their own business or expanding into other markets.


They enjoy a 4.94-star rating from customers with over 500 reviewers reporting in. The ColDesi™ group is a privately held family-owned set of brands and companies with 60+ employees, and offices in Tampa and New Jersey.


ColDesi also sells and supports the highly successful DTG™ brand of printers, the ProSpangle bling transfer machine, and the Digital HeatFX T-Shirt Transfer system.


To find out more about the Compress brand UV printers, or any of the other products and brands represented by the ColDesi™ group, call (855) 201-9185 or find them on the internet at compressuvprinter.com


Media Contact:

Thomas Rumbaugh


ColDesi, Inc.




SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc


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