Compress Brand UV printers Pass SGIA Testing with Flying Colors

Jul 12, 2017 | News |

picture of ray weiss from SGIA

Recently the Compress iUV-600s and the large field UV printer, the iUV-1200s were evaluated

TAMPA, FLORIDA – 7/8/2017 -The Compress brand of UV printers, now for sale in the US, by the ColDesi group recently passed SGIA independent evaluation and color gamut testing.

The results were more exciting news for business owners ready to offer “instant dry” printing on 3d products.

The Compress brand is the ColDesi group’s newest product line. The group is well known in the direct to garment and embroidery industry for helping over 21,000 customers get started in custom apparel.

ColDesi released two machines. First up is the small footprint yet large field (24” by 17”) iUV-600s. This machine can print and cure dozens of promotional products at a time and allows for super-fast swapping of jobs.

Next up is the iUV-1200s which includes all the features of the iUV-600s yet sports one of the largest field sizes in the industry at 44.7” by 29.5”

Both printers print wider, faster, and taller than other flatbed UV printers on the market. Not only that, but they are selling at a price that is perfect for trophy and awards shops. Sign companies, and promotional products companies are also excellent targets.

Both machines can print directly onto 3D objects in flat mode or dimensional printing mode which allows the printing of raised patterns. Both methods are completely dry when the printer ejects them from the machine. An unheard of advantage in conventional printers, which require a long dry time.


The SGIA or the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, which is well known for its magazine the “SGIA Journal” is a primary source of industry knowledge. The testing of the printers was rigorously controlled and showed both printers meet or exceed the specifications.

Digital Imaging Specialist for SGIA, Ray Weiss, did the evaluation on the new printers and had some great things to say about the printers. Ray is responsible for the color management certification program for the SGIA group. Weiss is also a regular contributor to the SGIA Journal who also won the 2016 Swormstedt Award for Best in Class writing (Digital Products Category).

To find out more about the Compress brand of UV printers or the ColDesi group of companies, Call 877-793-3278

Media Contact:
Thomas Rumbaugh
ColDesi, Inc.
[email protected]

SOURCE: ColDesi, Inc.




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