Colman and Company releases new Colman Clamp for Avancé

Jun 5, 2017 | News | 0 comments

image of the colman clamp for to hoop up unusual items.

The “Colman Clamp” holds difficult to hoop items for embroidery.

TAMPA, FLORIDA 6/5/2017-  Colman and Company based in Tampa Florida today announced the release of its new “Colman Clamp” for the Avancé brand of professional embroidery machines.  The “Colman Clamp” is taking the market by storm by allowing normally impossible to hoop items to be embroidered.

Traditionally Luggage, Shoes, Boots, Backpacks, Christmas Stockings, Dog Collars, Neckties and certain Hats have been extremely difficult to hoop.  The Colman Clamp solves these problems by providing two strong clamping arms to hold items for embroidery.

The clamp can be attached to nearly any embroidery machine and has a maximum area of 3 ½” by 6 ½”.  Colman and Company has the clamp device in stock for the Avancé embroidery machine, the GS1501, Tajima, Toyota, Happy and SWF single heads.  The clamping arms are adjustable from 1” wide up to 6 ½” and the device installs on the embroidery machine in minutes.

About ColDesi, Inc

ColDesi, Inc. represents a group of companies with over 60 employees and multiple brands in the decorated apparel industry.  They distribute professional embroidery machines, direct to garment printers, heat transfer equipment, bling and spangle machines as well.  Colman and Company, which can be found at has all the supplies and accessories custom apparel decorators need.

The company is based in Tampa with offices in New Jersey and is part of the ColDesi family owned group of companies with over 60 people.  With over 17 years in business, the company has helped over 20,000 clients achieve their dreams of starting or expanding a business.

To learn more about getting into the custom embroidery business, contact ColDesi, Inc. at 877-793-3278 or visit them on the web at


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