Top 7 Blog Posts and Podcasts For Making More Money

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Top 7 Blog Posts or Podcasts for Making More Money

If you were ever only going to read 6 blog posts, which ones would they be? Just like sitcoms have mashup shows, we wanted to take this post to look back and highlight 6 blog posts that would be most useful. Whether you’ve already read them, you should take time to go back and read them. Then practicing, revamping, reviewing these topics and how you’re doing them in your business. Take some time to self reflect – “I said I was going to do X, am I?” “I did it, but I stopped.” “I did it, but I wasn’t good at it.” etc. Or even “I did that, and I can think of a couple customers, or more that I’ve earned because I did that.”

1. Episode 2 – Email Marketing

Why? It is a quite easy to do if you have a list of customers. You don’t have to have a bunch of automation or fancy designs. It can just be some text. It can just be you individually emailing all of your most important customers (Important! Do not use CC for this, send individual emails). You can also use a mail service like Constant Contact or MailChimp, etc. that will allow you to do mass emailing properly. These services are inexpensive and often free for small businesses.

You’re showing up in someone’s inbox one or two times a month. This can make a difference, because people will forget about you. This even happens to ColDesi and Colman & Company. Someone expresses interest or buys something, and if we don’t email them constantly 3 weeks later they’ll contact us and say “who are you?” This will happen to you as well. You’ll do a job for someone, they’ll love the work, and then the person who ordered them retires, and a new person is in charge and it’s been a full year since they ordered. That person will just go to Google and see what’s out there for custom apparel shops. However, if you would have emailed, even once a month, it probably would have landed in the person’s inbox, and give you an opportunity to connect with them.

There’s some good stuff to take away from Episode 2. Have a listed again and do something about your email marketing. We recommend doing something slightly automated, but at the minimum have a good database of your customers’ names and email addresses. Then make a point of at least once a month, do some sort of reach out to them. Even if it’s just a reminder of “I’m here if you need any help”.

2. Accessing the Hispanic Market

This blog post didn’t get as many views, and the reason for that, we think, is the title isn’t as catchy as some of the others. We think it’s important though because it’s a representation of a niche market. We used the Hispanic market as an example. It’s a large percentage of the population, that prefers to speak Spanish (even if they speak another language). So addressing them in Spanish, choosing that as your market. You might make shirts with Spanish phrases. You might do something to address that niche market that you have an affinity to.

We also brainstormed a little bit on other niche markets you might have an affinity to, example your church group. So you concentrate on things very specific to that, if you have a large community in your area. Finding these niche things is the key to getting a solid rapid growth. Find a niche, make some marketing material, make specific samples, go to specific events and shows. The concept of the Hispanic market expands out to the others. And this blog post takes in a lot of the things we talk about in other posts and podcasts, example: make samples and go to the businesses. What if you decided your niche market was going to be Hispanic grocery stores?

The more niche the better. Word of mouth is an amazing thing, and when it comes to these small niche communities, that’s how you’ll gain business. You don’t have to be a part of the community to work with them. Perhaps you just really enjoy the culture. Participate in there events as much as possible. Or perhaps you see a market that isn’t being filled.

The overall topic of this blog post is finding a niche market based on ethnicity, language, or hobby, putting together a marketing plan around it, figuring out how you can appeal to them, and go into that market. Don’t just think of cheer and dance as a niche.

3. Episode 7 – Simple Tips for Small Business and Startups

Listen to it, think about it, do it. So many of our customers don’t sell. They get a lot of referral business. They might put out an ad here and there, or talk to people, and they’re successful. But they don’t go out and sell. You can be successful just talking to people, but if you want to go to the next level, you’re looking to get past the plateau, looking to make another investment in your business, you need to get out there and start selling.

Episode 7 gives you some basic fundamentals. You don’t need to be a salesperson. It gave general tips and is a great foundation episode.

4. Make More Money Next Month – Phone Skills

Read through the Small Business Phone Skills post. What we like about it is that we had the opportunity to visit a small business recently and consult with them. During our visit, they answered the phone about three times in a row, and the business has been around for about 30 years, but they did a terrible job on the phone. They answered the phone with just “Hello”. You just know that every single person on the other end of the phone asked “Is this such-and-such-business?”

Those basic phone skills, help you tailor a first impression, matching the personality of the business. How do you answer the phone? How do you take an order on the phone? What do you say at the end? Are you closing the call with a call to action? Are you asking them to do something? What’s the follow-up step when you’re done? Are you getting all the information you need? If you decide to make outbound calls, what does that look like?

Phone skills are free, because you’re going to pay for that phone whether or not you use it. You’re not paying by the minute. You have a free opportunity to make money. You have to look at it like, if the phone rings, it’s not interrupting your work, this is the future of your business.

Get great at it. Be friendly, honest. When someone calls you up with that one question about t-shirts you’ve had 100 times, even though you know it’s not how you wish they would ask it, remember it’s their first time calling you. If you are nice, friendly, and sound excited to talk to them, they’re going to want to call you back. Even if they call you and are a jerk, it’s your job to be nice back.

5. Episode 8 – Biggest Mistakes Made Starting an Embroidery Business

The ideas in this podcast really apply to any business. These are the mistakes that we hear about every day. The same mistakes people are making over and over again.

As an example, somebody is investing in a t-shirt business kit. They’re buying tools and materials, and buying top of the line vinyl. And they say they’re not going to buy the heat press – but you need a heat press to apply the vinyl. Instead they say they found one on Amazon that’s cheaper, but it’s very much a generic remake, and not good quality. So they’re buying a high quality cutter and vinyl, but not investing in the quality for the heat press. And the heat press is arguably the most important part – you need that vinyl to stick. The mistake here, is that they’re not looking at the long term when making decisions.

Another thing we talk about in the episode is that people will come in for training, and we’ll ask them about their business, what’s their niche market, who are they going to sell to? And they haven’t though about it at all. They’ll spend months deciding on which embroidery machine to buy, and not think about after they get their machine set up, where are they going to get their customers.

6. Make More Money Next Month – Active Word of Mouth

The first post in on series on Making More Money Next Month is on creating Active Word of Mouth. Most people make 90-100% of their money from customers in your area that you’ve met personally. So it’s really important to learn how to do it well and consistently.

7. Overcoming Objections

This blog post has so many fundamentals on how do you handle everything about competition, when it comes with promises and pricing, etc.

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