Owner: Kim and Tony Rossi
Year Established:  2002
Decorating Technique: Spangles, Rhinestones, Vinyl and Embroidery
Type of business: Rhinestone and Spangle Cheerleading, Embroidery Garments

CHEER-ful Success
From Embroidery to Bling: A Husband and Wife Team

Kim and Tony Rossi saw a need in their local market and jumped in to fill the gap. Their enthusiasm and willingness to just “Go For It” has helped make them a successful business for 10 years. 

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do:

We are a husband and wife team who loves what we do! Been in business since 2002 and just opened up a storefront last year. I carry products to accessorize the spangle and rhinestone apparel.

How did you get started?

When my daughter was young no one could meet the deadlines for embroidered apparel, thus Stitch and Dazzle began! We bought a commercial embroidery machine and ran our business as just an embroidery shop until 2009.

We added a CAMS Rhinestone Machine 5 years ago to both do just rhinestone tees and get into doing multi or mixed media designs.

What technologies do you use?

A lot! Computers with updated embroidery software and bling software, and sometimes separate applications to create different designs.

We’ve got 3 embroidery machines, a vinyl cutter, a CAMS Rhinestone Machine, rotary engravers, sequin machines and now a new ProSpangle spangle transfer machine.

Why did you choose CAMS and ProSpangle Bling Machines?

We heard good things about the CAMS machines and heard that ColDesi was good with customer service and found that was true when we talked to them.

Since then, Allen in support at ColDesi has always been there! I would e-mail him any time and if he was available he would help me troubleshoot.

So when we started looking for spangles and Hotfix sequin machines, we purchased the ProSpangle.. we stuck with the company that always was there when we had questions!

Where do you buy your supplies?

I have various companies that I purchase supplies from. Colman and Company and a few other smaller ones depending on what I need and what they have in inventory. I do price shop, but the quality has to be there too.

The ProSpangle supplies only come from Colman and Company.

What markets do you go after?

Schools, sports and corporate markets. We do a lot for competitive cheer teams and baton twirling groups as well.

What was your biggest hurdle getting started?

Learning the machines! I believe they all have their own personality and you have to be able to “get along” with them.

What advice would you give someone just getting into the business?

If it’s your dream,  you can do it! Take baby steps. Put a good product out at a fair price.

Marketing is a big part of a business and I let my customers do the marketing for me. Cheer Competition and travel teams are the best marketers for my stuff since they travel beyond our location.  I get customers now from all over the US!

What products do you offer that might be good for other ColDesi customers?

Wholesale rhinestone transfers, spangle transfers. We can help a DTG or Embroidery customer bling up their items.

What’s on your equipment wish list next?

Hopefully more rhinestone machines and spangle machines for increased production.

Anything else you’d like to tell us? 

The ProSpangle machine produces the MOST INCREDIBLE bling! I feel that the spangles adhere to many more items than the rhinestones do, like duffle bags, etc.

ProSpangle is the ULTIMATE BLING!

Stitch and Dazzle doesn’t JUST do Cheer and Twirl T-Shirts! They do a great business in designs like the one below. Rather than just go with a generic “Baseball Mom”, they’re able to customize team or kids names – that’s the power of ProSpangle and CAMS!

Spangle transfers are absolutely soft to the touch and incredibly light so even BIG designs like this one feel great to wear – and make a BIG impact too.

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