Owner: Pamela Mosby
Year Established: 2011
Decorating Technique: Rhinestones
Type of business: Rhinestone Transfers and Garments

Put Some Sparkle in Your Day!
Custom Rhinestones and Printing

Have you made any adjustments or changes in your business technologies and why?

I added a CAMS machine to my operation at the end of 3rd quarter this past year.  My contract bling business was growing and instead of hiring out to keep up with the demand, I “took a leap” and purchased a CAMS 1v2p.  It was the best business decision I’ve made (next to buying a heat press caddy!). In addition to being able to, not only keep up, but now have the confidence to seek out even more contract business, I have been able to grow my retail custom business, as well.

Since the CAMS bypasses the sticky flock step, I don’t blink an eye at a custom request – especially custom names for the backs of “sports mom” shirts and numbers.  I type in what I need, send it to the machine and let it do the work.

How often do you change your product selections?

I add new designs at least weekly, and often daily.  I use Facebook to promote them and have a monthly newsletter through MailChimp.

If you were to give advice to anyone entering apparel decorating business what would you say?

Into the rhinestone biz, I would say Welcome! My advice would be to know your market and don’t undervalue your work.  If you have a ton of lacrosse teams in your area, start there, even if your personal favorite is baseball.  Don’t be afraid to charge for your work.  Figure out what your hard costs are (supplies, materials) -at retail, add your time and then, add another few bucks.  I bet the price is still reasonable.  People will pay for quality work and even more for custom work.   

Have you any great success stories of your own you would like to share? 

I had a customer that found me through my website who had a terrible time with a different rhinestone provider.  She was on a tight deadline and needed a couple dozen shirts in under 2 weeks.  I was able to finalize her design, get the transfers produced super fast thanks to the CAMS, and her shirts were shipped to her with time to spare. I love being able to make a customer happy; especially one who thought she wasn’t going to get what she wanted  for her big event.   

What’s the best part of being in apparel decorating business? and what is the worst part?

The best part for me is being able to utilize my creativity on a daily basis. There’s always a new design to work on, so it’s never boring.  Some people want some really odd things!  The worst part, as with any customer service job, is getting it right for the customer – even the one who is really picky. 

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