Owner: Teresa Griffin
Year Established: 2007
Decorating Technique: Rhinestone transfers
Type of business: Contract & Retail Rhinestone transfers

How glitz and stones became a successful business.

How did your business get started and why?

We started our business 4 years ago as a home based business to generate extra income. In the beginning we had a website that offered Bridal Rhinestone Shirts and Bachelorette Party Shirts.

What made you choose rhinestone transfers for your business model?

It was so difficult for us to get rhinestone transfers for our Bridal and Bachelorette clothing. We would have to wait 2-3 weeks for an order and if we wanted a custom design it would take even longer just to get a quote and proof. So we decided to purchase our own equipment and produce the rhinestone transfers ourselves.

What type of equipment did you purchase and why?

We started out with the Endless Libero but we figured out quickly that the equipment could not produce the transfers quickly enough. We were only able to run 3600 rhinestones per hour. In 2009, we made an appointment with ColDesi for a demonstration on the CAMS 1V-6P machine. We realized in the meeting that this was the technology we needed to meet our customers’ demands and to also grow our business. We purchased the machine and soon tripled our production at one third of the cost of the Libero. Within three months, we outgrew the 1V-6P and took advantage of ColDesi’s 100% trade-in and upgraded our equipment to three CAMS 4H-3P machines. The CAMS was not only more affordable and faster, the software was simple for our designers to use. The CAMS equipment is easy to maintain and operate it has also been so reliable that we have never been down for more than a four hour stretch.

Who is your average customer?

Our average customers are screen print, embroidery or DTG owners that are looking to offer rhinestone transfers to their customers without the cost of purchasing the equipment themselves.

How did you decide what market to go after?

Because our business is located inside a barn on a strawberry farm, we do not have a storefront. So our thought was to provide wholesale rhinestone transfers to customers that were already set up as a storefront and had established relationships with customers.

How do you gain new customers?

We will be at all of the Apparel Decorating Extravaganza (ADE shows) this year. We also market on the internet and advertise in industry trade magazines.

How do you determine pricing rhinestone transfers?

We price our transfers based on the rhinestone count in the design, the stone colors and dimensions of the rhinestone transfer.

Do you handle custom work?

We currently have 5 designers on staff. Each of them creates custom designs for our customers. Our website offers a link to a Custom Rhinestone Design Form. We ask our customers to complete the form and attach their artwork. The request is assigned to one of our designers who will create a virtual proof of the rhinestone design. A proof of the rhinestone design along with a pricing guide and quote in quantities of 1-100 is sent to the customer. We do not have any minimums or set-up fees. Once a customer approves the design and places the order, the custom design is completed and ready to ship within 48-72 hours.

What is the biggest hurdle you had to overcome with your business?

Finding the right equipment; we were so fortunate to find ColDesi and the CAMS. The CAMS is faster, more affordable and reliable than the equipment we had before. Without it we could not have grown our business.

What is the biggest misconception about running a rhinestone business?

That is a great question! We don’t just hit the print button and the transfers come out. Each design has different colors and stone sizes so we have a set-up process for each design. As quickly as the CAMS runs; it can still only output so many stones an hour. We also have each transfer proofed through quality control before it leaves the barn to correct any stones that are not in place or upside down.

How do you get your designs? Do you create them in-house?

We currently have 5 designers on staff. They create designs for our customers and all of our stock designs. All of our transfers are created and produced in our facility.

What services do you offer that our readers might be interested in?

Most everyone in the industry believes there is a set-up fee and minimum order for rhinestone transfers. We do not charge a set-up fee or require a minimum order; that makes it easy for our clients to get quotes for their customers and provide a virtual proof of their design.

My Rhinestone Transfers can be reached by email info@myrhinestonetransfers.com or phone 813-704-5919.

What made Scott and Teresa Mullins get started in the Wholesale Rhinestone Transfer business? They saw a need and acted on it!
Fast forward to today and MyRhinestoneTransfers.com is a powerhouse in the wholesale rhinestone transfer industry. The business is run so far with 4 CAMS 4H-3P rhinestone machines and 2 of the new ProSpangle spangle transfer systems.
Believe it or not, the entire myrhinestonetransfers.com business is run from a farm in Dover, FL!
“What’s a Spangle?” is probably the #1 question Scott and Teresa get at trade shows. Play to hear their answer:

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