Mix Media – Customer Customer Secret Weapon

Direct to Garment Printing, Embroidery

The Embroidery Business is one of the most consistent of apparel decorating or custom T- shirt style businesses you can can get into, and the Avancé 1501C is that perfect combination of price, quality and value to launch it from. But one thing that any seasoned embroidery business professional will tell you is that one of the fastest ways to add profits and sales to a start up company is to offer “mixed media”.

Mixed Media in the custom apparel world is the combination of more than one type of technique on a single garment or design. Like combining screen printing and embroidery, or rhinestones and direct to garment printing, or even vinyl and hotfix spangle or t shirt transfers. The advantages are twofold:

1. You can charge more! You can sell a  combination vinyl and embroidery or DTG and embroidery garment for MORE. That means more sales and more profits.

2. Exclusivity. Think about the customers that you may speak to and how many other places they can go to get embroidery done. How will you stand out from the crowd? One way is to offer what the others don’t – mixed media.  

ColDesi is uniquely qualified to help you start your mixed media embroidery business because we have such a wide product line, and a wide experience. 

For example, if you look on our Business Bundles page, you’ll find the Avancé  paired with a vinyl cutter that you can upgrade to do rhinestones. Just watch this video of a free webinar we recorded that shows us doing appliqué using direct to garment printing, spangles (bling) and the Avancé 1501C, then talk to  us about getting started!

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