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T shirt printing machine options that offer high quality prints on dark


Many of you have likely found this article after searching for “t shirt printing machine”, which means that you are probably new to the idea of setting up a custom t shirt shop. You have absolutely found the right place! ColDesi helped bring direct to garment printers, which is what the apparel decorating industry calls t shirt printing machines, to the US and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their custom t-shirt businesses.

The DTG brand product line embodies the decade of experience that ColDesi has in the marketplace. These 3 printer models fit the start up custom t shirt business, the screen printer wanting to add large capacity digital printing and everything in between.

Here are the 3 Best DTG Printers:

1. Viper – the Viper is the most budget friendly professional DTG Printer on the market with the kind of features and flexibility that make it a favorite for start ups and big custom t-shirt shops as well. Many competitive t shirt printers at the same price only print on white or light colored textiles. The Viper, like all of the DTG Printer product line, prints on both dark and light garments – and produces simply amazing quality images like the ones featured in this article. Other Viper features include:

    • 4-2-1 Platen System – which means that you can actually print on up to 4 garments at a time. The “4” might be a left chest logo, small design or children’s wear job. The “2” means that you can print on 2 adult sized tees at once and the 1 will actually allow you to print a HUGE 16.5” X 29” image. That’s a big print on a BIG t shirt, or beach towel, or hoodie.
    • WIMS Filter – direct to garment printers that print on dark tees do so by laying down a layer of white ink first, then printing on top of that white image. If it didn’t do this, then all of your printed images would be tinted by the color of the t-shirt itself. BUT, white ink has a tendency to settle and separate so it needs to be agitated or circulated on a regular basis. ALL of DTG brand printers do this with the White Ink Management System to avoid stopping printing and agitating the ink manually during the day.

art printing on dark t shirt with the DTG Viper



The Viper DTG Printer has been replaced with the all new Viper2 t shirt printing machine. It retains many of the features that made the Viper one of the best DTG Printers of 2014, but updated with new technology that makes the cost of ownership less and allows MORE versatility. Here are the 2 best new features:

  1. New Cartridge Based Ink System – the Viper2 cartridge ink systems reduces maintenance and makes ink storage so much easier while maintaining the exact same great prints as the original Viper.
  2. Fits through a doorway! – The Viper2 is the only direct to garment t shirt printer at this level that will fit through a standard doorway. More portable, and much easier to work with in a home office. 

For more information on the new Viper2 visit:

2. M2 – The M2 is the most popular t shirt printing machine in the line-up today. It hits the sweet spot between the pricing of the Viper, and the volume capacity of its big brother, the M4. The M2 is the first DTG printer built from the ground up to print t-shirts. Up until the M2, garment printers had been modified large format Epson paper printers. Where the M2 is superior to the Viper is in the way it prints 2 garments at a time. The Viper works on a conveyor style system that actually prints the complete image on one shirt, then advances and does the next. The M2, on the other hand, runs the 2 platens through simultaneously so it actually prints both tees at once. This results in a faster print time with the same great quality output, and in the custom t shirt business FASTER is BETTER! Here’s what else makes the M2 stand out:

    • Software Bundle – There is a suite of expensive software that usually needs to be added to a t shirt printing machine purchase. The software that most manufacturers recommend include their own option RIP software, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or other graphics applications that you either have to buy or subscribe to on a monthly basis. The M2 actually comes with the most current version of RIPpro and a graphics application called Gimp. That means that while you can add your favorite application to your t shirt artwork suite, you don’t HAVE TO. You are ready to go right out of the box with the M2, and you save thousands of dollars on software.

Used M2 Pic (1)

 3. M4 – The M4 has the same print engine and body as the M2, but has been modified to utilize 4 platens instead of 2. What does that mean? That you can print on 4 or more t-shirts at once! This printer provides the lowest “interface time”. Interface time is how long an operator has to interact with the machine during a given day, or job. For example, most direct to garment printers on the market today on print on 1 t shirt at a time. This means that the operator has to load a job into the software, put the t shirt on the platen, then wait for it to print and take it off, put the next one on, etc. With the M4 and the RipPro software you can actually set up multiple jobs and once and run different jobs at the same time. Basically, you load a series of jobs in the software set up 4 shirts and walk away while they all print. Make phone calls, close sales, do the books, or whatever else you need to do while those 4 shirts print. No need to stand, watch and WAIT.

M4 T Shirt Printing Machine

Of course, this isn’t EVERYTHING that makes these the top 3 t shirt printing machines on the market, or everything we know about the custom t-shirt business.

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