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The Best DTG Printer & T-Shirt Maker Machine Options

Here We Show You The Direct To Garment Printing Industry’s Best DTG T-Shirt Maker

T-shirt maker machine options that offer high-quality prints on dark

Many of you found this article after searching for the best t-shirt maker machine   Or, perhaps you were looking for the best dtg printer(s) online. Maybe you need a machine that can print darks beautifully?

That means that you are probably new to the idea of setting up a custom t-shirt shop. Well, you have found the right place!

Starting A Custom
T-Shirt Business





ColDesi helped bring direct to garment printers, which the industry calls t-shirt printing machine(s), to the US. A market leader and a one stop source.

Not only do they offer the best dtg printers in the market but recently they surpassed 500+ positive reviews.

They’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their custom t-shirt businesses. The DTG brand embodies the 17+ years experience that ColDesi has in the marketplace.

These two printer models fit the start up custom t shirt business or the screen printer wanting to add large capacity digital printing. They fit everything in between.

The Best DTG T-Shirt Maker is:




DTG Brand M2

The M2 is the most budget friendly professional DTG Printer on the market.  It has the kind of features and flexibility that make it a favorite for start ups and big custom t-shirt shops as well.

Many competitive t-shirt makers in the same price range only print on white or light colored textiles.  However the M2, like all of the best DTG Printer product lines, prints on both dark and light garments – and puts out amazing quality images like the ones featured in this article.

Other M2 features include:

4-2-1 Platen System – which means that you can print on up to 4 garments at a time.

The “4”  in the 4-2-1 Platen System could represent a set of four left chest logos, small designs or children’s wear. The “2” means that you can print on two adult sized t-shirts at a time with this t-shirt maker.  And the “1”  in the 4-2-1 Platen System will allow you to print a HUGE 24” X 17.7” image. That’s a big print on a BIG t shirt, or beach towel, or hoodie.

WIMS Filter – direct to garment printers that print on dark tees do so by laying down a layer of white ink first, then printing on top of that white image. If it didn’t do this, then all of your printed images would be tinted by the color of the t-shirt itself.

The white ink tends to settle and separate, so it needs to be agitated or circulated on a regular basis.

ALL DTG printers do this automatically with their included White Ink Management System.  It avoids having to stop printing to agitate the ink manually.

The most popular t-shirt maker machine in the lineup today.

This dtg printer hits the sweet spot.  It can print up to 12 items at once and offers the lowest cost per print of any printer on the market.  You save even more when you get in on the DTG ink saver program.  Ask your Sales Rep.


Software Bundle – When you purchase a t-shirt maker machine, there is a suite of expensive software that usually gets added to the total.

The software that most manufacturers recommend includes their software driver.  However, you also need to purchase Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw or some other graphics application(s) on a subscription or monthly basis.

The M2 dtg printers come with the most current version of RIP Pro C6 PLUS a high-quality graphics application called “Gimp.”

That means that while you can add your favorite app to your t-shirt artwork suite, you don’t HAVE TO. You are ready to go right out of the box with the M2 you save thousands of dollars on software.

Of course, this isn’t EVERYTHING that makes these the top 3 t-shirt maker machine (s) on the market or everything we know about the custom t-shirt business.

For more information on the new M2, one of the top two best dtg printers, check out the link here:


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