Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Wholesale Rhinestone Transfers

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The Benefits of Bundling

If you are in the business of wholesale rhinestone transfers, you know that there is a huge market of bling lovers out there. However, with easily available rhinestone designing software and applications, the competition is getting wild. Your creative capabilities and ideas are no longer the only thing you need to excel in this business. You need proper marketing and business strategy.

Unfortunately, it is common for small businesses to refrain from experimenting with their marketing strategies and methods. Their budget also restricts them from spending too much on advertising their wholesale rhinestone transfers business. So, here is the good news – you don’t have to!

You can maximize your sales and returns by employing tried and tested marketing strategies that work wonders for small businesses such as a new wholesale rhinestone transfers venture. One of such amazing trick is to sell in bundles. Selling in bundles means you will be selling for a comparatively lower price but significantly bigger volume.

Bundle deals work in any business

Bundle deals work in any business

Bundles Work for Businesses

One of the major factors that signify the importance of bundling in this business is your target market. You might be targeting a huge market of users such as crafters, creative individuals, students — or — fashion lovers, garment merchants, and wholesalers are going to be your major customers. They do not work on single products or pieces. They deal in large orders and they will be happy to buy from you if you are offering a special price on bundle buys.

Bundles Help You Create a Theme

With bundles you can actually allow your buyers to create a whole theme with their wholesale rhinestone transfers. You can create various transfers with similar themes but for different purposes. For instance, you can have a birthday message text for the t-shirt and pair that transfer with a balloon pattern for the jeans or shoes. You can get as creative as you want, and there is a huge market for creative rhinestone transfers.

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Bundles Can Advertise a New Product

If you have created a new pattern and wish to see how it would fare in the market, offering it in a bundled package is one of the best strategy. When it comes to wholesale rhinestones transfers, your customers can be quite peculiar about trying new patterns. They prefer staying on the safe path and purchase designs that are already popular. Bundles also allow them to test the waters and see how their customers respond to a particular product they are buying from you.

Bundling it the Right Way

Now that you understand the benefits of bundles, you should understand that the extent of benefit depends on many factors. You should aim to create bundles that offer value to your customers while maximizing your revenue as well.

Your pricing structure is one of the main factors to take into account. It is the way you should decide the price of the bundle. Of course, you need to keep the price lower than the overall cost of the individual products included in the bundle. They should be able to see a visible incentive in purchasing the bundle. However, that does not mean you should compromise the overall profitability of the deal.

Also, never advertise your bundle as a way to clear your useless or slow-selling stock. Your customers should know that all the items in a bundle are new and hot, and they are paying for quality items. Make your customers see the value and your bundled wholesale rhinestone transfers are bound to sell like hot cakes.



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