3 Reasons to Add New Decorating Methods to Your Business

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ColDesi is in a unique position to see what works and what doesn’t in the apparel decorating industry (custom t shirt business). More than 15 years of experience in multiple technologies; commercial embroidery, direct to garment printing, bling and more, has given us the inside scoop on businesses that expand by adding new decorating methods. And how they do!

When we talk about adding new decorating methods to your business, we mean when an embroidery business adds rhinestone transfers, or a direct to garment printing business starts offering embroidered goods, etc. For example, one of our Tampa, Florida customers purchased and SWF E/1501T single head embroidery machine from us when we were SWF East, Inc., then added a CAMS Rhinestone machine to do rhinestone t-shirts as well a few years later.

So why add new decorating methods to your business too?


Mixed Meda - Direct to Garment and Rhinestones

Mixed Meda – Direct to Garment and Rhinestones

Reason #1

You can make more money from the same number of customers. It’s just like waiting in line to check out at the grocery store. If you stand there long enough, you’re probably going to buy some batteries, gum or a really, really trashy magazine. Offering an additional service or type of product to a customer is sure to add cash to the bottom line.

For example, the same company that you sell embroidered polos too might have a need for printed tees for a company event. The people that you’re doing family reunion custom tees for might just love the idea of bridal bling tees for an upcoming wedding. That’s more money from the same people/organizations because you have more to offer.

Reason #2

You will get more opportunity for new business. If someone found you once by “googling” for a professional embroidery company or company uniform shirts, and became a customer, don’t you think the same could happen if you started selling rhinestone t shirts as well?

You will have two or three times the opportunity to be found online if you add more technology, and more customer options, to your online business. The same goes for referral business too! You may be known as the go-to person in your town for cheer leader bling, why not develop the same reputation for doing custom printed tees as well?

Reason #3

You can beat out the competition on something other than price. Apparel decorating can be a competitive business. If you’re in a town or city of any size, you have run into competition that will sell cheaper than you, offers faster turnaround or just has a prettier website. When you have multiple decorating methods, you have the opportunity to stand out, be unique and offer products that your competitors can’t. You can beat the competition in 2 ways:

    1. Being more of a one-stop-shop. If a company is looking for both basic logo tees to sell at an upcoming event AND rhinestone decals or rhinestone t-shirts for the same one, would they rather deal with 2 companies or just one? You can be the convenient choice.
    2. Offering mixed media. Even if a potential customer is willing to shop in 2 or more different spots for their decorated apparel, what’s harder to find is a place that can offer mixed-media. Show your prospect what their printed company tee looks like with an embroidered logo, or what a booster shirt for a HS sports team looks like in spangles AND direct to garment. Being unique will make you money!

Adding apparel decorating methods to your business makes sense on many different levels. You can better maximize sales to existing customers, increase your opportunity to get new business and set yourself apart from your local competition. All money makers!

ColDesi has sold and supported embroidery, rhinestone machines, direct to garment printers and now spangle bling machines for many years. You can rely on our expertise! Talk to a salesperson today about expanding your business at 1-877-793-3278 or fill out the contact form here.




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