T Shirt Printing Machine Videos

Direct to Garment Printing

Whether you’re just starting to look into t shirt printing machines, or the custom t-shirt business, you’re going to want to see these direct to garment printer demonstration videos.

Many people interested in how to start a custom t shirt business are not near a T-shirt printing machine distributor, so don’t have an easy opportunity to see a demonstration.

Throughout the latter half of 2013, ColDesi has made an effort to provide a good video demonstration of each their dtg machines, or t shirt printing machines, so customers that can’t make it to trade shows or into one of their offices around the country can see the machines in action.

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This first video is the longest and is designed ot give you an overview of the whole DTG Printer or T Shirt Printing Machine Line up:

ColDesi has put more than 300 videos on its YouTube Channel that include support, training and maintenance videos as well, but the following are there to just give you an idea of how a DTG Printer works, their speed and profitability.

This video is of our DTG Viper Direct to Garment Printer and is our most economical model. But ALL of our DTG Printers come with free online training and free technical support by phone and e-mail.

You can also see many samples of the direct to garment printed t shirts on this gallery page. Don’t forget to go to the Gallery and PIN the photos!

The following direct to garment printer video is on the M2 model. The M2 is a fast, very high quality printer that prints on 2 shirts at once, making it very efficient with what we call a low “interface time”.

The M2 is probably our most popular garment printer because it’s still affordable vs. similarly performing dtg machines, but delivery exceptional performance. Many online custom t shirt shops think the M2 is the best t shirt printing machine for the money.

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The M4 is a scaled up version of the M2, designed specifically with screen printers and busy online commercial shops in mind. The M4 has 4 platens and so can print 4+ t shirst at once. This gives you the ability to do higher volume custom t shirt production with ease.

You can look through all of these videos on t shirt printing machines, but you’ll learn more in the end by going to http://www.dtgprintermachine.com or calling 1-877-793-3278 and talking to one of our knowledgeable staff!

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