The Bling Business Show!

The Bling Business Show!

Bling Machine Business

ColDesi is happy to announce it’s hosting its first Bling Business Show in August!

The Bling Business Show, to be held in Tampa, FL.  is designed to answer your questions about starting or expanding a custom T-Shirt business using Rhinestones, Rhinestone Transfers, Decals and the new ProSpangle threadless sequin transfer machine. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner in Florida, Georgia, or anywhere with an airport you should plan on coming!

ColDesi, and its sister company Colman and Company, are responding to the incredible popularity of custom rhinestone apparel business. Rhinestone Transfers are easy to make, fun to design and very, very profitable to sell.

Join the entrepreneurs already taking advantage of this compelling home based or small shop business by signing up for the Bling Show and learning your options from the ground up.

You should check out this awesome site to read more concerning the Embellishment.

Join the Embroidery business professionals, direct to garment custom t-shirt printers and screen printers on what it will take to add bling to your business – your customers are already looking!

Imagine being able to produce rhinestone or spangle t-shirts, bags and car decals with school logos, dance school names, decorated jeans, and so much more, in a very small space.

The Bling Business Show will feature 3 Presentations, all oriented towards small apparel decorating and the custom t-shirt business:

1. Learn from a local company that started small, and is now one of the largest rhinestone transfer companies in the world.

2. Spend time with an industry professional and learn important tips on marketing your business

3. See the software that does it all; easy, powerful, taking full advantage of TruType Fonts and royalty free artwork to make compelling designs.

Between the presentations there will be ample opportunity to see the equipment in operation, talk to the pros and learn, learn, learn!

Register for the Bling Business Show

Also being released at the Bling Business Show is the new ProSpangle Spangle Transfer Machine! 


The ProSpangle makes producing vibrant, BLINGY clothing for children, women’s wear and more even MORE profitable..but you have to see it to believe it.

Learn about:

  • Hotfix Era Rhinestone Rhinestone Transfer Design Software
  • Hotfix Era Sequin Transfer design software
  • Brush n Bake plotter/rhinestone transfer systems
  • Local marketing with Google Places
  • Facebook Marketing for Small business
  • Heat transfer press
  • buying rhinestone transfers
  • selling rhinestone transfers
  • the custom t-shirt business
  • how others have succeeded

August 9th

ColDesi, Inc.
5409 S Westshore Blvd,
Tampa, FL. 33611

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